January 25 2016

Dear Forever Friend by Zara Puskuldjian

giphyEveryone knows that you have acquaintances… friends… and best friends who basically think they know your whole life, but they actually don’t.  They are not your “til death do us part” friends who actually do know your whole life.  Those are your forever friends.   You may not have the pleasure of seeing them often, so you stalk each other on every social media channel and FaceTime when you can. These are the people that you don’t need to see everyday,  because you have a special bond, and no matter the time apart or the distance, it’s a forever type of thing:

Dear Forever Friend,

I don’t see you every weekend.  Sometimes, I don’t even see you every month, but when we come in and out of each other lives, it’s like we never left.  I want you to know that I am always thinking about you. We don’t always know what each other is up to.  Know that going out without your best friend is never the same, and when you see me with others, please know I’m never replacing you!  I always wish you were there.

My time here in college has made me realize that friends and even best friends come and go. I realized that not everyone turns out to be who they claim to be, but most importantly I realized that you, my forever friend, will never drift away.

With you, there is never a question of what terms we are on, how to have fun or what to do, because each time we leave each other, we start right where we left off. We laugh and smile like the distance between us means nothing.  We love each other’s families just like they were our own, and we value each other more then we value anyone else.

giphyI secretly smile when you like and comment on my photos, tag me in pictures, corny quotes or even situations we think relate to just us. When you’re not happy, I’m not happy, and when you’re happy, nothing could make me happier. When something good happens in your life, I’m your biggest cheerleader, and likewise, I know that you are my biggest supporter. When things don’t go as planned and everything falls apart, I know that I’ll always have you and that you’ll drop anything for me,  because I would do the same to you.

We can go months without speaking (if we HAVE to).   If we do, it’s not because we’re fighting or because we forgot about each other.  It’s simply because we are growing older, and free time is getting harder to find. But when I call or send you a text, you always respond right away and vice versa.

As people grow older, they tend to think that distance and time are what break a friendship apart, but not with us! This is something we had to learn to live with. You’re the prime example of what a friend should be. Thank you for never leaving my side and for our “drama free zone” friendship.  We have memories that will last forever, and the greatest thing is that I’m always waiting for more. I look forward to the next time we will be together having lunch, catching up, and laughing about the past, present and what the future has in store for us.

One of out biggest concerns is never knowing if or when we will be reunited again. We sometimes feel like our time apart is wasted, but really we are figuring out our lives and constantly reminding each other that the future brings uncertainty.  Just like you don’t know what you’re doing with your life, I don’t know what I’m doing with mine. But one thing I’m certain of is no matter where I go in life, I will always call you my forever friend, and your name will forever be imprinted on my heart for everything you’ve ever done for me! The ability to have someone like you in my life, who I can tell anything to, go to whenever I want, and who I know will always be there for me is one of the greatest confidence boosters in the world.

Thank you for sticking by my side when I thought the whole world was crashing.  Thank you for sticking by my side when I needed that little push, and thank you for sticking by my side as we continue to grow up together.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.53.45 PM

Till death do us part, Thank you!


Your forever friend

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