December 8 2015

Dance for Confidence- Hip Hop Cardio By Ximena

I will forever be a Dancer.
After many years of performances, recitals, red lipstick and many dance shoes,  I am forever grateful to have learned the art of dance, from which I have learned many skills such as proper posture and presentation skills. To this day, dancing continues to benefit me in a variety of ways. Even though dancing and Zumba are two separate worlds, they still have many similarities.

The other week, I was on scheduled to work on Veterans Day. It was possibly the slowest day at the gym we have had all year. A few minutes after the scheduled time, I assumed no one would show up,  and quite frankly, I was a bit bummed. I was delighted to see one of my regulars walk in late. When I asked her if anyone else was on the sign-up sheet she shook her head no. She then confidently asked:
“…can you teach hip hop [cardio] today?”

I was honestly surprised! It had been a while since I had last gotten the chance to choreograph hip hop. To say the least, I was thrilled! After shuffling through old songs on my iPod (yes… I still use my iPod), I asked if she had any requests, and she suggested ‘**The Fix (ft. Jeremiah).’ That’s exactly how the video below was created, spontaneously and on the spot. Check out our fun choreography*, but also let’s not forget the many benefits of Hip Hop Cardio:
-gets your heart rate up
-help you strengthen your muscles
-fast-paced workout you forget you’re doing
I learned a unique lesson that day.  Some days, workouts do not go as planned, but that does not mean you sweat any less. Improvised workouts can provide one hell of a confidence boost!

*This was a collab choreography piece with one of my regular clients.

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Meet Ximena

unnamed-8Ximena (pronounced C-mena), but really, call me Z.

I am originally from Lima, Peru, but call Boca Raton (SoFlo) home. Naturally, the beach is my place to be. I am currently a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University (aka Dunk City) studying to achieve a Bachelors in Social Work. When I’m not buried in a text book, I enjoy watching police dramas like Special Victims Unit.

About me: I love anything high intensity & I’m very into fitness! You can find always catch me creating my own choreography, jamming out (ideally to Spanish music), dancing to my own beat teaching Zumba. Oh, I’m also an avid Cross fitter, can’t forget that!

Fun fact; I have a schnauzer and she’s sassier than most people.


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