March 8 2017

What Being A Woman In Copenhagen Is Really Like

When I first decided to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, many of my friends and family members raved about Copenhagen, not because of how beautiful it is nor because of how good the food is here, but because it is such a liberal, accepting city. Copenhagen is what every other city in the world should be like, since everyone is allowed to be himself or herself here. In Copenhagen, no one is judged for anything, especially not for being a woman.



Being a woman in Copenhagen is magical. Women are treated as equals in Copenhagen with dignity and respect. In Copenhagen, women are not treated as weak, innocent, harmless creatures; but rather, women are seen as the same as men in Copenhagen. For example, the gender wage gap does not exist in Copenhagen and men and women are both thought to be sexual beings that crave, desire, and enjoy sexual intercourse, while in the United States of America is clear that the wage gap exists, and men are thought to be sexual beings while women are thought to be innocent and not desire and enjoy sexual intercourse.

As a woman, I have never felt more free and accepted in my entire life. I really feel like I can be myself in Copenhagen, which is not as possible in the United States. It is not possible for me to truly be myself in the United States become women are not treated as equals in the United States. In the United States, my professors are more likely to have the male students answer questions and randomly select male students to participate in class activities, while in Copenhagen, my teachers equally call on male and female students and equally allow male and female students to participate in class activities. Because of the way I am treated in my classes in Copenhagen, I feel like I am being challenged more than I have ever been and I feel like I am learning so much. While this example does not fully show what being a woman in Copenhagen is like, it shows that men are not favored in Copenhagen and that there are a lot more opportunities for women in Copenhagen than there are for women in the United States. Therefore, I feel like I can really be myself in Copenhagen because I am being treated as an equal, I am accepted here and never judged nor discriminated against for being a woman.

To sum everything up, Copenhagen allows women to be whoever they want to be. Copenhagen does not care about your gender, but rather, about what type of person you are. Copenhagen allows women to do everything and anything possible.


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