August 16 2015

Cooking Couture – Cooking With Confidence With My 8 Cutest Kitchen Items by Hallie Salko, SFTL contributing food writer

For me, cooking has to be fun!  If I’m not having a great time in that kitchen, I don’t feel confident, and I don’t want to be there.  Being involved in SFTL this summer has encouraged me to keep it real and be myself when I’m cooking.  A part of that is my cooking utensils.  Really?  Yes, Measuring cups, bowls, spoons, spatulas and the like have to be functional, but in my kitchen, they have to be pretty, and to really rate among my favorites, they have to make me smile.  Here are some of my top picks for practical, useful, but also guaranteed to put a big grin on your face every time:
owleggs3owleggs1.  The Funnyside Up (available at fredandfriends.com).  Frying up eggs for your BEC or to go with your avocado toast?  Whoo knew they could be so cute?  (Well, I did!).  Crack two eggs in the Funnyside Up egg mold, cook them up and … your eggs are an owl!!!  How adorable is that?




2. Crack A Smile (available at fredandfriends.com).  How could you not smile when your food is smiling right back at you?  The Crack A Smile works for eggs and pancakes too!  You flip your pancake right in the smiley face mold.  It’s a beautiful thing!



helpinghandshelpinghands23.  Helping Hands (available at zeal cook.com).  Ever stirring a sauce and stuck holding your spoon, not sure where to put it down?  No more, now that you have the Handy Spoon Rest by Zeal.  Clip your extra pair of hands onto the side of your pot, and you’ll always have a “handy” place to store your spoon when not in use!  Fun, right?


icepopmoldzoku4.  Ice Pop, Princess?  (available at zokuhome.com).  I love to freeze things, and my mom loves to melt them.  Count on me for all frozen creations.  Someone to burn something in the microwave – that’s her department (sorry mom!).  Zoku has the cutest ice pop molds.  Frogs, bunnies and of course princesses.  Also great, they are made of silicone, and it’s super easy to get your ice pop out without it getting ruined, and hey, what beats a pretty pink lemonade princess?


eyesbagclipeyesbagclips25. I’m Watching You.  You’re Watching Me.  (available at publix.com) 1/2 a bag of chips left – No problem!  Not only are these googly eyed bag clips the cutest, but they actually keep your bags closed and your chips crunchy.  A side benefit – could be a good deterrent to mindless eating when your bag of pretzels is staring back at you, asking you, “Are you really sure you want to do this?”.  Doesn’t stop me honestly, but might work for some!!


lidlifters1lidlifters26.  Old McDonald Had A…Lid Lifter?  (available at tovolo.com) Need to keep a pot from boiling over?  Let steam escape from your pasta before you drain it?  These lid lifters work like a charm.  I think they come in other designs, but personally, I’m not sure any of them could be any more adorable than the chick, piggy and lamb in this set!



smileyspatulasmileyspatula27.  Keep Smiling!  My smiley spatulas (available at surlatable.com) have me doing just that.  Good for mixing, bowl licking, all those spatula kind of things, and they always have a smile on their face!




bobandbobito2bobandbobito8.  Saved The Best For Last!!  Meet Bob and Bobito, my first kitchen assistants. (Fiesta Head Chefs, available at amazon.com).  Bobito is the whisk (Bob-Beat-O, get it?).  I’ve had Bob and Bobito for years.  (Named them too).  I think they were the first sign of my having the confidence to “choose to shine,” and establish my own point of view in the kitchen.  I can’t say enough good about these guys.  They stand up on their own two feet (way to show your SFTL spirit guys!).  They do their jobs great, and who could look at them and not laugh?  They are normally pretty shy, but I persuaded them to give you a back view too (take a close look – still cracks me up, years later).

So that’s the cute kitchen round up.  Hope you enjoyed it.



Hallie Salko will be a Freshman at University of Wisconsin-Madison this Fall.




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