February 18 2016

Confidence After College by Hillary Macias

Graduating college is one of the most exciting times in life, a bright impending future ahead, the world at your feet, and a positive mindset. However, sometimes graduating from college can leave some feeling a little less than confident about themselves and their future.

graduationgiphySometimes life can get the best of us when things don’t turn out how we had them perfectly planned out in our mind.

Not everyone gets their dream job right out of school.  In fact most do not. This can leave one feeling a little down on themselves,

hatemylifegiphybut that doesn’t have to be the case! Instead of focusing on the negatives that come along with the post graduation blues, channel that negative into positive with these simple steps. And maintain your confidence in yourself after you walk across that stage. After all, you have just reached a monumental point in your life, and you should be very, very proud.

    1. Don’t compare yourself to others. It can be so easy to be envious of fellow peer’s jobs, internships, new cars, etc. But comparing yourself simply sets you up to be disappointed. So what if you didn’t get the first job you wanted. Remember how hard you worked to get to this point, and take pride in your degree. The right job will come, and you should feel great about yourself regardless of that. A college degree does not come easy, so keep that head high!
    2. comparegiphyMake a List. This may sound silly, but if you feel that you are losing self confidence post graduation, make a list of your talents and things you do well. This really helped me during the time I was waiting to hear back from dietetic internships and not getting interviews right away. Writing down things I was good at helped me to begin to decide what area of dietetics I hoped to go into, and also gave me inspiration to volunteer at various nutrition organizations and shadow dietitians in the scope of practice I was considering.

  • listgiphyCompliment yourself daily. This advice was given to me by one of my professors during undergrad. When I first heard it, I thought “wow that’s conceited,” but in reality, it does great things for your self esteem. I even put a few post it notes on my mirror in my room with simple sayings like “you rock!”, “you are enough”, and “keep that head high!” It may sound strange but you really can be your own cheerleader!
  • complimentsgiphySpend quality time with friends and family. The saying “keep your friends and family close” really is true. Days when I would feel particularly down after scrolling through social media seeing my friends moving on to bigger cities and jobs while I was still waiting to hear back from my internship really took a toll on my happiness. And talking out these feelings with my friends and family helped immensely. They are the ones who have your best interest at heart and will bring you right back up when you’re feeling down on yourself. They remind you of how great you truly are and how much you have to offer.
  • familygiphyTreat yourself. This was one that was initially hard for me, because I am somewhat of a workaholic. But simply taking the time out to go get your nails done, treat yourself to a Starbucks and good book, or get a massage really can do wonders for your overall well being. Let yourself relax, and don’t be too hard on yourself. You must love yourself first, and never forget the wonderful person you are.



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