April 3 2016

Feed Your Face…Our Zero Calorie Chocolate Indulgence


source, giphy.com.

It’s rich.  It’s indulgent.  It’s decadent.  It’s chocolate!  And we promise you, it’s all zero calorie!!  What?  How?  Why?  Because it’s going on your face not in your mouth.

Yup!  Not kidding.  Turns out that in addition to being yummy, chocolate is a luxurious treat for your skin.  Check out this amazing Chocolate Facial Mask (Source: Janet Nudelman of the Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as found on experiencelife.com).

image sourced from bigstockphoto.com

image sourced from bigstockphoto.com


1/2 cup cocoa

3 tbs heavy cream

2 tbs cottage cheese

1/4 cup raw honey

3 tsp oatmeal powder (process rolled oats in a food processor for 60 seconds to make your own)

Mix all ingredients together and smooth onto your face.  Relax for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Ingredient Benefits:

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, which help reduce sun damage.

Heavy Cream moisturizes and softens skin.

Cottage Cheese is a mild exfoliant (who knew?)

Oatmeal powder helps soothe dry skin.

Editor’s Note: We’re so tempted to tell you to lick this off your face, but that would be kind of gross and would defeat the whole zero calorie thing.  Of course, if you want to try, let us know how it all turns out.  xo SFTL

Have any great recommendations for DIY Skincare Recipes?  Let us know and we’ll be happy to publish them.  

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