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Meet Katie Dean, Founder of Katie Dean Jewelry

Katie Dean, founder of Katie Dean Jewelry, is awesome. We’re so inspired by her decision to pursue her passion as a jewelry designer, and her creations are beautiful.  (In fact, Kendall and Kylie think so too – see below).  We love that she says, “Nothing makes me happier than making gorgeous, flirty jewels for you to shamelessly […]


Meet Sophia Barkoff, CEO and Founder of Hipzips

Who does not love a good fanny pack? Everybody needs a fanny pack for tailgates, so why not get a fun and festive one? Sophia Barkoff, CEO and Founder of HipZips, makes amazing fanny packs perfect for tailgates and many other events! Check her out below and @hipzips on Instagram. What are HipZips? HipZips are […]


Making Money as a Starving Artist?

I took quite a few film classes throughout my four years of college. During this time, I began to see patterns in the trajectory of many of the people working in the industry who would come speak in my classes. Most did not achieve success until later in their lives. Before becoming big writers, producers, or industry […]