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There’s more to You, Life and America than this Election

With the current onslaught of social media posts, sharing, status’, photos, videos, tweets and even face-to-face riots, protests and opinions, the recent election is beginning to consume (even more so than the lead up to the election did) absolutely everything and everyone. Here in California, it’s not difficult to imagine that almost everyone is appalled […]


Joining a Sorority Changed My Life

Let’s be real here, sororities have a pretty distinct reputation. I’m talking clicking fingers, blonde girls, low GPA’s, meaningless gossip and Barbie Doll physiques (only the hottest, of course). Thanks to Hollywood, the media, in general, and possibly a little bit of truth, this image has become universal — so much so that I, the […]


7 Reasons to Shop Local

You are unique. Your character, values, personality–these incredible things that make you who you are, weren’t a creation by chance. No doubt, you’re one of a kind, but you can’t take all the credit for that. From the streets and the parks, to the restaurants and the cafes, to the halls of the high school […]