6 July 2015

Carolyn Shoemaker

Carolyn McMicken Shoemaker Bio

Carolyn McMicken Shoemaker 

Carolyn McMicken Shoemaker is passionate about using personal development, fitness, and networking to fully engage in an awesome life.

Carolyn brings a diverse background to the advisory board, holding a bachelor’s degree in sport management and doctoral degree in clinical psychology, with clinical experience across the age spectrum and 9 years’ experience in pharmaceutical medical affairs, supporting educational, research, and advocacy initiatives.

As a young girl, Carolyn experienced a disconnect between confidence in her intellect and her physical abilities. After too many years of low body esteem, yo-yo dieting, and focus on external appearance, she finally discovered her physical potential by focusing on the functional benefits of health & fitness. Unexpectedly, this had positive effects in her work and relationships

Juggling a busy career involving travel with marriage and raising 3 young children requires a great deal of organization, support, & humor.  Mental skills, cognitive psychology, health and home-based fitness provide a strong foundation for success.

Carolyn continues to work as a Medical Science Liaison in the pharmaceutical industry, and has recently applied some of the key aspects of this job to pursue her passion for fitness and life optimization. Blogging as the Fitness and Lifestyle Liaison, Carolyn’s mission is to connect with people, information, tools, and motivation for living an awesome life.

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