June 22 2016

Can Your Bra Empower You?

Image published with permission from J. v Breda

Image published with permission from J. v Breda

Jodi van Breda, a Cornell graduate with an MBA from USC and an alumna of a big financial services firm, is now working as a stylist at Peach, a new lingerie company founded on the belief that “every woman should feel beautiful and confident in her own skin.” Needless to say, we love this mission, and we find Jodi’s story of how she got to Peach and why she loves it truly inspiring. Welcome to The Fit List, Jodi van Breda.


So how did you get to Peach?

When my son was born, I immediately realized how limited conventional employment is. I wanted the flexibility to work incredibly hard, but also to be an involved mom. I found that as my son got older, it actually got harder, not easier, because of all the day activities at school that he really wanted me to be at, and I really wanted to attend. For all those reasons, when I lost my job in a large financial services firm, I knew it was time to really explore other different opportunities.


Did you go straight from financial services to Peach?

No, I stayed home for several years, but I really didn’t like being home full-time. I had always defined myself as a career woman, and without that persona, I honestly felt kind of lost. I didn’t like being financially-dependent on my spouse or feeling dependent. Realizing that I needed to work for my own self worth, I started to think about what I wanted to do.

PeachLogo_2015-ea4903e5bb1d35a23c69375393d252bdHow did you end up in direct sales?

Direct sales definitely does not always have a fabulous reputation, but while yes, there are definitely some shady companies out there, there are also some really good ones. What is awesome is that, for a small investment, you can have your own business, on your own schedule.  You can work as hard as you want and become very successful on your own terms.

Why Peach?

I love Peach’s message and mission. Honestly, think about it. If you’re walking around in the wrong bra, you’re not comfortable.  You don’t look as good as you could, and that truly impacts your confidence. Being comfortable and looking good is truly empowering. I also think our co-founder and CEO, Janet Kraus, is really inspiring. Before starting Peach, Janet had successfully built and sold two companies and was on the faculty at the Harvard Business School where she taught entrepreneurship, so you know she’s the real deal. She has also built an incredible community of women. Our corporate office is almost entirely women, and the spirit of our company reminds me of a sorority. We are really all supportive of one another. Stylists collaborate rather than being competitive with one another, and we celebrate each other’s successes. We’re also still small, with less than 300 team members nationwide, so there’s the great feeling of being a part of building the company.

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How can we get involved?

Well, you should definitely check out our website. If you’re interested in our products, get in contact with me. We now are even able to do fittings by video conference. We’re also always looking for more stylists. In addition, think about whether you might want to host an event for your sorority or club. I’m happy to help.

Thank you so much Jodi, and welcome to The Fit List!

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