23 June 2015



brandambassador1Our BRAND AMBASSADORS are responsible for sharing She’s Fit to Lead at college campuses across the country. You will be the voice of  SFTL on campus and will spread our message on social media (mainly instagram and twitter) and will hold a variety of different events on campus to get other young women interested. You will be an authentic representation of SFTL, displaying your personal confidence throughout all our platforms to ultimately inspire other women to do the same.


brandambassador2You will be featured on our website and will have the opportunity to share your story of becoming a strong, confident campus leader.  You must be comfortable in a leadership role and have an innate talent for promoting our brand, through both verbal and written skills.  This is a tremendous opportunity to make a huge impact, have fun and help us grow SFTL, while also helping the women on your campus to gain strength and confidence.  If you are interested in becoming a BRAND AMBASSADOR, please contact us at info@shesfittolead.com.



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