April 9 2016

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Life is a crazy, beautiful, complicated mystery that unveils the stories of the world. Those stories consist of hurdles, triumphs and all the emotions comprised within, and while the major events within those tales of triumph and destruction serve as guiding points, they are not the whole story. What makes a story compelling is the mentality and universal truths the characters learn throughout.

It is often compared to a roller coaster, but today the metaphor for life is going to follow the footsteps of Forrest Gump and compare life to a box of chocolates.

Image sourced from Pintrest.com

Image sourced from Pintrest.com

Everyone, for the most part, loves chocolate. The only thing better than chocolate is a whole box of them, one filled with varying flavors, textures and scents. Some flavors are definitely more appealing than others, but, honestly, it’s impossible to appreciate the good until the bad is tasted.

Life is the same way. The minute people are born they receive their boxes. There’s no way of knowing what chocolates are in it, but it is known that the purpose is to open and share it. Lives are for sharing; our hearts are for sharing, and the only way to share is to appreciate all that life provides.

The adversities, or bad chocolates, people have to face are not chosen either. After all, nobody wants to experience pain and suffering. Life may not provide many opportunities to decide fate, but it does provide that opportunity when people come across those adverse situations. Successful people are those who have a taste of the bad chocolate but choose to move on to the next piece.

Life isn’t meant to be easy, but it isn’t meant to be dreadful either. People were put on Earth to appreciate the surrounding beauty and to create a better world. This is a golden vision, but it requires a positive mentality that is harder to come by.

Getting through tough times means appreciating all occurrences—good and bad. Everything happens for a reason; it’s just not always clear right away. Everyone has had or will have a taste of nasty chocolate in their lives. Life is a gift, but the gift is only appreciated when its owner makes the best out of it.

Imaged sourced via www.theasterisktoday.com

Imaged sourced via www.theasterisktoday.com

The ability to appreciate life revolves around mentality. Just as fear triumphs only when given power, adversity dictates only when one fails to look at the bigger picture. Struggles are badges of honor to be worn with pride.

Whether the life’s hurdles are based upon instability, depression, poverty, or any other form of adversity, in the end, it is those hurdles that change life for the better. Adversities are not shameful; they are not humorous, and they are not meant to bring people down. Adversities give people the wings to soar.

There’s no way of predicting the exact components of someone’s box of chocolates, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that each piece has a specific purpose of making its owner the ultimate version of him- or herself. The lessons learned on the journey of life are invaluable, and, sometimes, those lessons must be learned in a difficult way. And when those difficulties arise, keep in mind that the farther the fall, the higher the fly.

Life is just like a box of chocolates. You can’t decide what you’re going to get, but you can decide what you do with it.

Image sourced via tumblr.com

Image sourced via tumblr.com

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