April 4 2016

Monday Motivators – Meet Stephi Maron, CEO and Founder Blushington

monday motivatorWhat’s motivating about makeup?  Well, so much, when it comes to Stephi Maron and Blushington.  First of all, Stephi founded Blushington to break the makeup model.  No heavy, caked on, phony look here!  Blushington’s goal is to make you who you want to be and to help you enhance your natural features and feel good about your own style of beauty.  How awesome is that!  Add to that, Stephi made Blushington a family business.  Her sister is the Chief Marketing Officer and her dad is the Chairman and CFO!!   
Laura Geller BeautyWe were privileged to be able to connect with Stephi and learn more about what drives her.   We are also thrilled to announce that Stephi will be speaking at ConnectToConfidence, our May 21, 2016 event in NYC, and Blushington will be hosting a pop up beauty bar as well!

What was your inspiration for starting Blushington?

I started Blushington, because I saw a hole in the market.  I wanted to bring luxury, quality services at an affordable price to everyday women. The inspiration really came from personal experience. When I would get my makeup done, from celebrity makeup artists to freelance makeup artists, I always walked out of my experience not recognizing myself — with caked on makeup and not feeling pretty. They never asked me what I wanted and never listened when I tried to say what I wanted.

What is unique about Blushington’s approach to makeup?

Blushington is unique in that our artists are trained to listen to each client. It’s very much a customized experience — I always say it’s your own personal makeup artist within each service. Each Blushington artist goes through an extensive amount of training and has a steps of service they must follow, so in every location it’s very consistent. We are the first makeup and beauty lounge to put service and quality before sales. We like to educate our clients on what products we use and why, and that, in itself, sells.

sourced from Instagram, www.instagram.com/blushington

sourced from Instagram, www.instagram.com/blushington

What is your advice for the busy collegiate for an easy to apply, everyday look?

My advice for the busy collegiate is to always fill in your brows and put on mascara and a little concealer. I never leave my house without filling in my brows.  It really shapes the face. I always try to wear mascara, because it automatically opens up your eyes. And I use a little concealer under my eyes, on my eyelid and anywhere else I need it to cover up something to help even out my skin tone and make me look more alert than how I may actually feel.

Laura Geller Beauty
What is the biggest mistake you think young women make in doing their makeup?

I think the biggest mistake I see that young women make in doing their makeup is over-filling in their brows and not using the correct concealer shade or product for them. You should fill in your brows lightly so it’s just filling in those sparse hairs and defining the brows a bit more, but you don’t want to overdo this. I also think that young women don’t wear enough concealer, and a little goes a long way.It really does help to give you that flawless looking skin that everyone wants. I recommend using a concealer that is the color of your cheeks or face to cover any imperfections, under the eye and over the lid. If you need to highlight or brighten under the eye, I recommend using one shade lighter than your foundation. You can even mix it in with your foundation.

Billion Dollar BrowsWhat is it like working with your family every day?

I love it! My family is the most important thing in my life and working with them every day is a blast! You know you never have to doubt their loyalty and trust.

What is the most challenging part of being a young entrepreneur?

I think the most challenging part of being a young entrepreneur is, not my age believe it or not.  It’s my lack of experience in the beauty world.

Do you ever feel scared or doubtful? If so, what do you do to push through?

Yes, of course I do. I wouldn’t be human if I said otherwise. I lean on my team and my family and friends to help push me through.

What is your advice to young women dreaming of starting their own businesses?

My advice for any young entrepreneur is to do as much learning and listening to really understand your model. Take the time to really understand your model, take as many meetings to ask questions and listen, and go to seminars to continue to do research before just jumping into anything. Take your time, it will help you in the long run.

What makes you feel confident?

Makeup, of course. Makeup, done the right way and with the mindset of less is more, can really make any woman or man feel confident.

What does She’s Fit to Lead mean to you? How does someone become Fit to Lead?

She’s Fit to Lead means an organization that brings women and girls together to help one another with our confidence, making a difference in the world and in our communities, and help each other with our successes. I believe anyone can become Fit to Lead as long as you are confident with yourself, your business, and your model. Own it!


Beauty bar planned for ConnectToConfidence event. Photo Published with Permission from S. Maron

Learn more about Stephi and get beautified by Blushington at ConnectToConfidence.  Find out more [here].

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