November 9 2016

Bits of Hope

the-white-house-1623005_960_720This presidential election, regardless of what side you are on, has been a whirl wind. These results may not be what you wanted or what you expected, but we must move forward. I like to think I’m an over optimistic person, and after the results of the election, I have been trying to look at good I have seen come from it. I will premise this with the fact that I recognize I am a privileged white female, but I also try to look at all situations as if I am in another person’s shoes, and try to empathize as much as I can.  Although this is not the result I expected, these are the cards America has been dealt and I would like share the few rainbows of hope I have seen in response to the election results.

Bits of Hope:

  • via shutterstock.com

    via shutterstock.com

    A majority of the outcry I have seen on my Facebook and Twitter is not degrading and negative but a call for everyone to come together. I recognize the reason why this is happening but the love and kindness I have seen on social media is remarkable and gives me hope for what is to come. People are pledging to fight for what is right and sharing their support for minority communities. It is a beautiful thing to see people that upset with the results sharing words of love and hope instead of a negative response.

  • There is an electoral map if only 18 to 34 year olds were voting (circulating the internet) in which Hillary Clinton would have won. There is hope that my generation recognizes the character of presidential candidates.  I am excited for what is to come and how we can take the world by storm for generations to come.


  • hillaryconcessionWhether you supported Hillary Clinton or not, I hope you can recognize that her concession speech was gracious and classy.  My favorite quote of the speech:                                                                                                                                         “To all the little girls watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world.”  This quote explains how monumental of a moment it is in history to have been able to witness a woman running for president. She may not have won but for the little girls out there, they are able to grow up having seen a woman run for president, and maybe will be able to see a woman be elected someday.

So as much fear, worry and anxiety you may have about the election results, please look around you for the bits of hope and good that surround you. For those that are struggling with the outcome there are resources if needed.

So spread love and hope America, and always look for the silver lining because sometimes that’s all you can do!

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