December 15 2016

A Best Friend Roommate is the Greatest Thing in the World

1. You always have someone to go to eat with

Even though sometimes it is nice to eat alone and think to yourself, most of the time people enjoy eating and talking to others while they eat their meals. You get to catch up on each other’s day while also eating a nice dinner!

2. You get a brand new sister

As someone who never had a sister, I never experienced certain things that only living with a sister could give, but now I can. I now know what it’s like to share clothes all the time and gush about the cute boy we saw in class today. I finally know what it is like to live with a sister.


3. You always have someone to help you through life decisions

Whether it’s a big career move or academic decisions or just whether or not the dress you bought online looks good, there is always someone there who can help cure your indecisiveness. It is nice to have a friend who is always near by who can help make a tough choice. That way you do not have to resort to flipping a coin.


4. You always have someone to study with

Studying by yourself can be boring and depressing but when you have a best friend and a roommate, you always have someone by your side who can come study with you. Studying with friends can make the whole thing more fun since you are all struggling together through the pain of studying.

5. You always have someone to watch Netflix with and then make references to the shows you watch

There are always those late nights where you don’t want to do anything but just stay in and watch Netflix. Well, when your best friend is also your roommate, you two can stay in together, binge watch a ton of episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” or “New Girl”, and then make silly references to the show the next day.


6. Whenever you are sad, you always have someone to make you smile and help you feel better

When your roommate is also your best friend there is always someone there to comfort you when you are feeling down. Since she lives with you, you constantly have a friend who can turn your frown upside down and put you in a better mood. They are always around you, and know exactly what you need to start smiling again if you are sad.


7. You now have a friend who knows almost everything about you, whether it’s good or bad

When you spend that much time together ,you end up learning quite a few things about each other. Whether it is their little quirks or their deepest secrets, your best friend and roommate know it all. At times it might be too much information, but in the end it doesn’t matter, because it just brings you two that much closer.


8. When you don’t see each other all day and then reunite, it feels like you haven’t seen each other in eternity

You miss them even when they are gone for one weekend or sometimes even one hour. You get so used to seeing them all the time that once you don’t see them you feel like a part of you is missing. When your best friend / roommate tells you that they are leaving for the weekend, you jokingly yell at them that they are abandoning you, but deep down you aren’t just joking.  You are actually a little sad that you are going to be alone.


9. You always have someone to go out and have random adventures with

Whether it’s going on a beautiful hike or going to the last taping of the American Idol Finale ever, your best friend / roommate is always there to share these little adventures. She is your go to person when you want to go out and do something fun. She is also the first person you want to invite when you have an extra ticket to a concert or event. Best friend/roommates are always there to go on your life’s journeys.


10. You now have a soulmate wifey

Nothing is ever off limits, and having your roommate also be your best friend is one of the greatest things in the world. She is there for you always and you are there for her. Through thick and thin and for better or for bad, you both get through it together.


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