December 23 2015

Believe In Yourself, Always Have Faith, And Never Give Up! Welcome to the Fit List, Loibel Lotterman, by Ximena Iglesias


“One day, I was on a cruise. I was looking out at the Ocean. That’s when God helped me realize how small I was.” –Loibel Lotterman

She’s a motivator. fitness professional. mom. and entrepreneur, and if that’s not enough, she’s living proof that with faith and hard work, you can make your dreams come true.

Looking at Loibel, you think, “Wow, she has it all!”  She’s beautiful, smart, talented, and has a unique ability to engage all those around her.  No matter how horrible your day, you can’t leave a Zumba class with Loibel without a smile on your face, and that is truly a gift.  What you don’t know about Loibel until you talk to her is how incredibly humble she is and how amazing her story is.  Loibel has a degree in computer science, but working in her home country of Venezuela, she knew that was not the life that she was meant for.  Her dream was to come to the United States.  When you listen to Loibel’s story of arriving here with no money, not speaking English and making it all happen, you quickly understand what Loibel is all about:

Click Here For Loibel’s Story On YouTube

I had the glorious pleasure of interviewing Loibel and hearing first hand how she shares her love for dance and passion for life to help others develop a healthy lifestyle.  We’re sharing that interview both in English and as I conducted it, in Spanish.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.02.23 PMYou’re involved in a huge number of things. How do you balance it all? How do you prioritize?

        I have 5 kids, teach 17 Zumba classes a week, own a dance studio and run a household.  I have to stay very organized. I strategically plan out my daily activities, such as time spent teaching, chores, and even down-time. Weekly, I set aside 2 date nights with my husband, 2 nights or activities with my kids and at least one for friends.

Estás involucrada en un gran número de cosas. ¿Cómo encuentras el equilibro para todo esto? ¿Cómo priorizas tu tiempo para hacer todo?

        Loibel es muy organizada. Con 5 hijos, 17 clases a la semana, una casa y mi negocio, dice con manteniendo organización, todo es posible. Cada semana, tengo 2 citas con mi esposo, 2 actividades con mis hijos y un dia para las amistades.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.04.11 PMHow do you inspire others?

I think that you have to believe in yourself and always be positive, no matter how bad your day is or how sick or down you feel.  I try to inspire those around me to think that way too.  
Sweaty Betty¿Cómo inspiras a los demás?

Loibel afirma que es importante creer en ti mismo y ser positivo en todo. Esto le ayuda a inspirar a otros.

When you are having a day off, what do you do?

        On days off I love to spend time with my friends and go out to lunch.

¿Qué haces cuando tienes un día libre?

        Loibel respondió que en sus días libres le encanta estar con amigas y salir para almorzar.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.06.27 PMWhat do you consider to be the biggest confidence boost?

        The biggest confidence boost for me is knowing everything in God’s eyes is perfect.

¿Qué es un inyección de confianza para ti?

        Loibel dice la mayor inyección de confianza que tiene es saber que los ojos de Dios son perfectos.

What does it mean to you to be “Fit to Lead?”

        Being “Fit to Lead” means having the capability to inspire and help women improve themselves in order to succeed and be powerful.

¿Para ti, qué opines de ser “Fit to Lead?”

Ser “Fit to Lead” significa tener la capacidad de inspirar y ayudar a las mujeres mejorar a sí mismas con el fin de tener éxito y ser poderosas.


What advice would you share about working to pursue your dreams?

        In order to pursue your dreams, you can’t give up on the learning process that comes along the way. Maybe you fail, but you only come out stronger.  Always have faith and patience because God has big plans, even if you can’t see it yet.

¿Qué consejos compartirias  acerca de cómo trabajar para perseguir sus sueños?

Loibel incluye que para perseguir sus sueños no hay que renunciar al proceso de educación que viene en el camino. Tal vez uno puede fallar, pero sólo salen más fuerte. También mencionó que es importante tener fe y paciencia con Dios, porque él tiene grandes planes, incluso si usted no puede verlos todavía.

Who inspires you?

        Having faith in God is my inspiration.

¿Quién es tu inspiración?

        Loibel comparte que su fe en Dios es su inspiración

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.10.05 PMWhat is your favorite dish from your home country?

        I love Venezuelan cheese empanadas!

¿Cual es tu plato favorite de tu país, Venezuela?

        Me encanta comer empanadas venezolanas de queso!

Loibel Lotterman, you inspire us every day through your faith, your humility and your huge heart!  Welcome to The Fit List, Loibel!!
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And if you are in South Florida, be sure to come dance with us!!  

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