November 22 2017

Being Vs. Doing On Thanksgiving By Guest Blogger, Madison Brim

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year, and not only because of the chilly atmosphere and beautiful scenery, but it occurs after the busyness and excitement of the new school year. It’s a time to settle down and begin to get things done. As high schoolers, we are back at school, and it’s possible to create and maintain a schedule.

Personally, I am fascinated by the balance between being and doing. It’s simple to feel important, when you are accomplishing something. When you are done with your “doing,” you can look back and take pride in what you have achieved. At least for a moment you can reflect on the milestones you’ve had or the grades you’ve earned thus far. Taking pride in our accomplishments make our lives stable as well as allowing us to feel content with what we have been doing.

As teenagers, we focus in on doing and accomplishing, yet what would a life look like if it were only about doing, with no emphasis on being? “Being” as those moments when you just “are” – you stop trying to accomplish long enough to appreciate what you have. Being grateful for what I have been given is so important to me, and whether it’s hanging out with your friends or a moment just doing something that you love I challenge you to cherish the special moments where you can just simply be grateful.

With this in mind, I look forward to a moment of being with my friends and family. In that moment, there is nothing left to accomplish. I have worked, but my work is done. Whoever said that a one’s work is never done was right, with one exception. We should take a break from doing and just be. For that moment, where I can simply be, in my mind and heart, the work simply does not exist. For now, time is mine to just be.

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Personally, I’m more comfortable with doing. Doing allows me to enjoy the moments of being later. Thanksgiving is a time to be. When we stop doing, we are able to appreciate who we are and what we have. When we are being, we are able to notice the people in our lives, and meet new ones as I hope you all will take advantage of this weekend. When we are being, amazing things occur in our lives. Thus, take the extra moment this upcoming Thanksgiving to appreciate the amazing people around you, wonderful cooking, or just relax from the stressful life that we live.

I am glad that no matter how crazy things get, I have a yearly reminder that doing is not the end goal in and of itself. Over the years, the ability to stop doing and to be has seeped into my consciousness enough that, while I may be feeling very driven and enthusiastic about an important project, I am able to stop myself and enjoy with my family on a weekly basis as well as especially during Thanksgiving.

So, I love fall – all my schedules and lists come out, and everything that was pushed aside for the beginning of the school year rush finally gets my full attention. So, while doing may be important, it is only while we are being that we assess where our doing has gotten us, and where we truly need to be.

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