July 24 2017

Being a Barefoot Beauty

While some people fantasize over the latest pair of heels and converses, others ditch them altogether and roam the world free as can be. Initially, walking around barefoot may sound kind of, well, icky, but the truth is, there are numerous benefits to embracing barefoot beauty.

More circulation
Walking barefoot requires using the numerous small muscles within the feet. Using more muscles requires extra blood flow so that the muscles can work effectively and efficiently. After consistent use of these muscles, the blood circulation greatly improves, sending better blood flow to the legs and feet, which usually suffer because of excess sitting.

Better posture
Most people tend to forget that the smaller muscles in their feet are what help keep the body aligned and balanced. Shoes have soles and other characteristics that overly cushion the body, which creates poor alignment within the length of the body and leads to bad posture. Walking barefoot helps one reestablish their core alignment and naturally adjust his or her posture.

Better balance
With better posture comes better balance. Those small foot muscles work extremely hard to keep the body up right. When wearing shoes, those small muscles tend to suffer from minor atrophy because they are not being used nearly as much as they should, causing one’s balance to greatly decline. However, after walking barefoot regularly, balance improves and one becomes more stable in multiple aspects of their body.

The nervous system is one part of the body that helps determine how the rest of the body behaves. Reflexology uses various nerves on the bottom of the feet to help alleviate pain, inflammation, tension and stress throughout different parts of the body. Many scientists and doctors acknowledge that feet are the key to a truly healthy body and suggest that people practice reflexology to feel grounded in all aspects of their lives.

Less inflammation
Inflammation, or the swelling of various tissues, is a catalyst of numerous diseases and ailments, including allergies, asthma, diabetes and more. The agents responsible for this swelling carry a negative charge, which is what reacts with the body. The earth, on the other hand, carries a positive charge, and many scientific reports show that walking barefoot on soil or in nature helps ‘recharge’ the human body into defending itself against negative catalysts.

It might seem strange at first, and may feel even stranger, but walking barefoot definitely has its benefits. Although it is not necessary to walk barefoot everywhere, showing some love between the feet and earth is a great way to boost health in a natural way create an everlasting bond between the mind, body, and spirit.

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