June 13 2016

Monday Motivator – Meet Ashleigh Drew of Ashleigh Drew Designs

monday motivatorWhen Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What and Arielle Charnas of Something Navy both Snapchat your bracelets on the same night, you’ve got to be something totally amazing!  We knew we just had to connect with Ashleigh Drew, and when we did, we were thrilled.  She could not have been nicer, and her bracelets are beyond awesome.  Meet our Monday Motivator, Ashleigh Drew:

ashleigh drew logo1) What’s your name/ business name?
Hi I’m Ashleigh Drew and my business is Ashleigh Drew

2) Where are you in school?
I am currently a rising Sophomore at the Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC

3) How did you start your business?
Growing up I was always super big into arts and crafts. I started making jewelry and people would see me and my mom wearing it and ask where it was from, and since then the business took off.

via Instagram.com/ashleighdrewdesigns

via Instagram.com/ashleighdrewdesigns

4) How do you get inspiration for your designs?
I am social media obsessed (@ashleighdrewdesigns and @ashleigh_drew), so I am constantly inspired when scrolling through my Instagram feed. I also am fortunate enough to live in New York City so walking through the streets serves as a constant inspiration.

5) Who are your style influencers/ favorite fashionistas?
When it comes to celebrities I want everything from Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo’s closet (who doesn’t!?). As for social influencers and bloggers, Something Navy and WeWoreWhat are my top two. Their styles are so different, and mine is somewhere in between, so it just works.

reprinted with permission of Ashley Drew

reprinted with permission of Ashley Drew

6) What’s your favorite binge watch?
I am a sucker for reality TV, so I love binge watching the Real Housewives (preferably Beverly Hills or New York) and the Bachelor/ Bachelorette.
See Summer Better
7) What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely French Fries. I try and eat somewhat healthy, but I can never resist a good french fry.

8) What has been a major business victory for you?  When was the moment you knew it was real?
I just started my website a little over 2 months ago (www.ashleighdrew.com), and about a month ago, I went to an event and gifted Arielle from SomethingNavy and Danielle from WeWoreWhat bracelets. When I was in the car on the way home, my phone was blowing up. To my surprise they had both posted my bracelets on their Snapchat. I was in shock and so grateful. It was in that moment that I knew with determination, I could make something out of this little business of mine.

reprinted with permission of Ashley Drew

reprinted with permission of Ashley Drew

Yup, that seems like a definite turning point to us, and with these amazing bracelets, we expect great things from Ashleigh Drew.  

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