November 11 2015

Hair, Long, Beautiful Hair…Welcome To The Fit List, Leigh Rossini!


Leigh Rossini is the Public Relations & Media Director for Louis Licari Salon.  She is also the producer of Ambush Makeover for The Today Show.  Leigh inspires us with her great talent and drive as well as her wit and outspoken, big personality, and she knows all there is to know about making you look and feel your very best!   Welcome to The Fit List, Leigh!

When you were 18, what did you envision your dream job to be?

I always wanted to do hair as a younger girl! I dreamed of working at a really fast paced salon like Louis Licari.

What drove you to pursue a career at Louis Licari?

Louis Licari was and still is the hottest salon in New York. I remember thinking, “If I am going to do hair,  there is only one place I would do it! ”  I knew where all the celebrities went, and that is where I wanted to be.

How did you evolve from style assistant to Director of PR for Louis Licari?

I met Louis when I was 18 and instantly we clicked. I started as his color assistant. A couple of years in, I decided I loved Louis,  but did not love touching other people’s hair. I became Louis’ personal assistant. I loved it. I learned so much. As time went on, I started to take on more and more responsibilities. At that time, we hired outside publicists. The publicists would have to go through me to set up interviews and shoots. A very big producer at The Today Show wrote Louis a letter asking if she could just speak directly to me. One thing led to another and I started doing Louis’ press. 15 years later here we are.

What was the secret to your success and do you think networking confidence played a significant role?

Honestly, the secret to my success is that I got to know every editor and producer as Louis’ assistant rather than a publicist. I also think it helps to shoot straight. Ask for what you want without being pushy. I send pitches how I would want to be pitched. I would lose interest in a pitch if it was longer than three sentences and so do these writers.

Spiritual Gangster
Because you produce the “Ambush Makeover” for the Today Show and Live with Kathie Lee and Hoda, what are your thoughts on how much how you look on the outside changes how you feel inwardly?

Everyone feels better on the inside when they look fantastic on the outside. These women come to the plaza because they know it’s an instant fix to their everyday look.  Their smiles alone can light up a room. A quick trim and some hair color go a long way.

louis licari

Any suggestions for our college girls who will be transitioning to their professional careers in terms of best hairstyling tips for interviews, meetings or power lunches?

Yes! Don’t over do it. But definitely don’t under do it. Look like you only a little better. Hair should look healthy and shiny. It shows you take good care of yourself. Gloss is key. No matte lip color!

What celebs do you think are “hair influencers?” What are the next trends in hair we should know about?

The next trend is something really cool called color shading. We just did a segment on it. It’s exaggerated deeper color underneath and gradually lightning on top. I think the biggest influencer in hair is definitely Jennifer Anniston!jennifer anniston

Any tricks for easy ways to glam it up without a blow-out or a stylist?

I love braids and high right buns. A donut for the hair is a must!

What does She’s Fit to Lead mean to you?

To me it means strong, smart and powerful women that will rule the world!

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