December 29 2017

A Busy Girl’s Guide To Relaxation Over The Holidays

Ahhh, the Holidays have arrived. Now it is your time to wind down, use this time to recharge, refuel and restore during the Holidays. It is easy to not feel so wonderful during the most wonderful time of the year.

Thats why we have created the Busy Girl’s Guide to stay relaxed, happy, healthy and energized.

For a full time student or someone working full-time we are always wishing for our schedules to open up or at least a little down time.

Lately school and work have been changing up my schedule, either late night study sessions or long days of work preparing for the Holiday days off. Now that the time is come try these tips to staying relaxed:

Sunlight: Even though it is your time off and staying in bed is exactly what you want to do. You should take some of that time a get up, go outside, go for a walk, take your dog to the park, anything outside. It is good for your body and soul!

Sleep: Like I said above everyone just wants to stay in bed forever when they have time off. After that refreshing walk you took outside go to your bed and let your body get a rest. Take your covers put them over your head, stay warm and remind yourself you deserve this & you actually have nothing to do.

Do what you love: Be selfish, schedule me time to do what you love to do. Reading, painting, music, watching TV, going out doing different activities whatever you love – go and do it. This is a time where you can go and do something you’ve been wanting to do when you didn’t have enough time during the week. No rush, no one telling you what to do – just do it for yourself.

Cook: Preparing delicious food – instead of thinking about what you should eat and what you should not eat. Learn how to cook and prepare it yourself. There is nothing more satisfying then the smell of fresh food right out the oven!

Switch off: Although many of you might be thinking I’m crazy maybe you should try it. Turn your phone and computer off, stop checking your work emails and relax and enjoy the holidays. You don’t want your mind to go back into work mode before the Holiday is even over.

The holiday season is a very busy time, filled with family and friends. Trying to find the time to get everything done while still trying to relax and enjoy yourself can be daunting. Make sure you try these tips above to relax your mind and body during the holidays.


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