March 20 2016

7 Reasons To Go To Boston University Just For The Food by Sarah Kaiser

One of the perks of going to college is that most college towns have unique food joints that are famous among the students and are known for their greasy burgers or late night pizza. However, when your collegetown is Boston, then the food scene is huge, and there are more delicious options than you could possibly imagine. Here are some of my favorite food joints in the area that are college budget friendly and that everyone definitely needs to hit when they’re in the area!

Zaftig’s in Brookline: If I could live at a restaurant this would be the one. This delicatessen/diner has some of the best breakfast and comfort food in Boston, and who does not love that?! They have dishes like banana stuffed french toast, kugel, matzo ball soup, thanksgiving turkey dinner, and granola pancakes on the menu.

Screenshot 2016-03-20 13.09.42Allston Diner and Lulu’s in Allston: These are two seperate dining venues, but only a wall separates the two, so I am going to putScreenshot 2016-03-20 13.13.19 them together. They both have great food, and lines winding out the door with at least a 25 minute wait to get a seat on a weekend morning. They both have different approaches. If you are in the mood for a classic, laid back, southern style breakfast, then check out Allston Diner. You walk in and they have a retro interior, and very friendly workers. Their signature dish is cornbread waffles with fried chicken; I got a banging stack of blueberry pancakes. It was an inexpensive and delicious experience.

Lulu’s is more modern, trendy, and a bit more pricey with creative plates that you see popping up in many up and coming restaurants. On their brunch menu they have dishes like cinnamon roll mini waffles (which I can vouch for and affirm are delicious), s’mores pancakes, chef’s donut holes, bacon batter pancakes, and much more. However, one of the best things about Lulu’s is that you can order anything on the menu online, and then go pick it up at a designated time. My friends and I did this, and it was awesome because we skipped the whole line, and without a wait, we had our food to take home and eat.

Screenshot 2016-03-20 13.15.31Roxy’s Grilled Cheese: This place is actually BOMB. When my friends and I get tired of dining hall food, Roxy’s is the place to go. Screenshot 2016-03-20 13.23.02Roxy’s started out as a food truck and then got so popular that they opened up a little eatery in Brighton. They make great grilled cheese that you can customize with fresh ingredients like homemade guac, fig jam, housemade pimento cheese, and many other delicious ingredients, or you can order a sandwich that’s crafted on the menu. They have other great additions to the menu like truffle oil fries, which you can get with poutine, and they also have a vegan menu.

Super 88 Market: First semester this was our go to Friday dinner feast venue, but then we realized that eating a boat-load of chinese and asian cuisine would put us on the fast track to the Freshman 15. Super 88 Market is a food court with a range of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian vendors. My favorite place to get pork buns (which I could live on) is from Dim Sum Chef, the best fried ice cream that has ever graced my taste buds is from Smile Thai Noodles, and you can’t miss the dumpling pho from Phoviets (lol –  Get it?   Like Soviets!). The options and types of food goes on and on, but those are some of my favorites to recommend. Super 88 Market is also great because you can honestly get a meal for two for 20 dollars, and then still have leftovers.

J.P. Lick’s: For those who know me, you know that ice cream runs through my veins. I can never get enough of it, and I am constantly looking for a place that can equate to my good pals Ben and Jerry. Lucky for me, Boston is home to J.P. Lick’s which has some seriously rich and tasty ice cream. It’s even luckier for me that it’s right off Babcock street in Brookline, which is about a 12 minute walk from my dorm (hee-hee). Everything they sell is kosher, and their ice cream and frozen yogurt is made from scratch with local ingredients. I am a sucker for chocolate, so my personal favorite is Brownie Brownie Batter, but they have flavors that include Myer’s Rum Raisin, Sweet Cream, and Cookies and Cake Batter. For the month of March they have special like Jameson’s Irish Coffee and Homemade Bailey’s Choc Chip Cheesecake!

Screenshot 2016-03-20 13.36.02Check out any of these places, and I promise that you will not be disappointed. As the school year goes on, and I search around for other great places to chow down I will make sure to keep you updated!

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