January 2 2017

700 Word Rant – Don’t Get Stuck In the Resolution Trap

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Every single year at the start of a new year, everybody starts talking about their New Year’s resolutions. You know the typical lose weight, go to the gym, and eat healthier, travel more, quit smoking. I used to love the idea of New Year’s resolutions. It’s almost like you had a clean slate, and the possibilities were endless.

However, lately I’ve been thinking about why we have to choose the start of a new year to decide the things we want to do. I saw this girl post a comment about how she’s going to start working out more, and she said she wasn’t going to start working out until 2017.  When she posted, New Year’s  was was still about two weeks away, and I thought to myself, if somebody really wants to start working out, why doesn’t she simply just start doing it right now, instead of waiting.

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We make these dumb, basic resolutions that we almost never stick to. Someone wants to quit smoking as their New Year’s resolution. If that’s what you want, then just stop now. If there is something you want or something you want to do, then go out and get whatever it is you want and do whatever it is you want to do. Quit making the New Year an excuse to do things. Quit using the New Year as an excuse to change. Everybody changes throughout the year.

Starting a new year isn’t going to be the magical answer to all your problems.  Change won’t happen instantly on January 1, and new habits are sure going to take some time. It’s going to take time for you to start eating healthy, because sometimes you really just want to eat that pizza. It’s going to take time before you see results after going to the gym every single day. Don’t get me wrong, things can change in one day, but not as drastically as you think.

People are going to say that they left all their mistakes behind in 2016 or certain people behind or even memories behind. First off, we are human beings and we are always going to make mistakes. Sometimes, it takes making the same mistake over and over again before you finally stop making that mistake. I understand if there are some friendships or relationships you want to leave in 2016, but sometimes it isn’t that simple. You’re not going to tell someone that it’s 2017 now and you’re sick of being their friend so you guys aren’t going to be friends anymore.   That just sound ridiculous. You’re never going to forget the memories you made, whether they were good or bad.

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I guess what I really hate about this idea of New Year’s resolutions is that it’s almost like we are trying to plan our life. We’re trying to plan how our next year is going to turn out. I hate this idea because plans never turn out how you think they will. You could have this great plan about how you want to travel abroad, but then you get into a car accident which puts you in the hospital, and bye bye travel plans!  You say you’re going to stop wasting your time on people who don’t deserve it when the New Year comes, because people have hurt you and betrayed you one too many times. The thing is, just because you put time and effort into your relationship with someone and they went and ruined everything; it doesn’t say anything bad about you. Instead it shows you more of what kind of person they are.

I think the start of 2017 should be a time for all of us to reminisce on 2016. Remember all the great memories that were made, the bad memories, remember all of the people who have finished living their lives, but being thankful that we still have ours to live. Be thankful for our jobs and our friends and family, even if we changed jobs or lost friends or lost family members. Appreciate last year for what it was, and go into this year being thankful that you got to live a whole other year, even if it wasn’t the greatest year you had, and remember, you’ve got a whole other 364 days ahead to be and do anything you want to!

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