July 14 2016

Have Your Mac & Cheese and Eat It, Too

via http://blavity.com/cosmopolitan-mac-and-cheese/

via http://blavity.com/cosmopolitan-mac-and-cheese/


It’s National Mac & Cheese Day! In addition to proving that this whole “day” thing is totally out of control, does this knowledge have you wanting to run to your nearest supermarket for a box of the almighty Kraft (because there is really nothing quite like that atomic orange powder), or have you sighing and wishing that you could come up with an alternative not quite as loaded with sodium, fat and artificial ingredients, yummy thought they may be? Well, whichever way you are leaning, we have five ideas for you to make this national “holiday,” a truly great one:

  1. via thesmith.com

    via thesmith.com

    Just do it! Hearkening back to yesterday’s amazing interview with Kelsey Miller, we say, pick out the absolute best, yummiest mac & cheese  you can find, and go for it! There’s no law that says you have to eat the whole box or multiple orders if you’re at a restaurant, but know that you can indeed have exactly the mac & cheese you want. You don’t have to get completely out of control, and the world isn’t going to end. If you happen to be in New York, we love the mac & cheese at the Smith. And if you aren’t in New York, no worries.  They were kind enough to share their recipe on their website.  

2. Miracle Noodles – These Shiratake Noodles really are a miracle. They’re low carb and low calorie (like really low calorie – 30 calories for a huge serving), and while we wouldn’t eat them plain, they do give you that noodle feeling. So use your favorite mac & cheese recipe and substitute Miracle Noodles for actual noodles. You’ll significantly reduce the carbs and calories, and you’ll probably eliminate most of that bloaty feeling as well.

via miraclenoodle.com

via miraclenoodle.com

3. Zoodles – Same concept as above, but substitute that evil (jk) pasta for vegetable noodles. With all that yummy, cheese sauce, how could you go wrong.


4.  Lighten it up – Our own Hillary Macias has offered us some great ideas on healthier alternatives to your standard comfort fare including a great mac & cheese recipe with less fat and healthful ingredients including veggies!


5.  Take out the dairy!  We know.  It’s all about the cheese, but for those of us for whom dairy is not particularly our friend, all that milk, butter and cheese in your usual mac & cheese is a recipe for a very uncomfortable night ahead.  If that’s you, check out this amazing dairy free recipe from daiyafoods.com.  


So don’t let National Mac & Cheese day pass you by, and don’t spend tonight obsessing over your Instagram Feed wishing you took our advice. Go enjoy and make it great one!

Yours until the next ridiculous National celebration day.  (Oh yeah, that would be tomorrow…National Tapioca Pudding Day. (We kid you not).


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