October 28 2017

3 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For College Students

Stuck on what you should be for Halloween? Have a party coming up but nothing to wear? Can’t afford a costume from the store? Look no further.

With Halloween approaching quickly I put together a list of DIY halloween costumes that I have previously done that you can do too last minute by yourself or with your friends!

A great look doesn’t have to be super expensive – with a little creativity your DIY costume can be simple and stylish.


Be an emoji! Last week I was leaving work and realized that I had less than 24 hours before a Halloween party. Me being the last minute person that I am decided to be an emoji! It was quick and simple! I ran to Michael’s grabbed a yellow tee for $3 and some black paint and started painting. By the time it was ready for me to go to the party my DIY emoji costume was dry and ready to go!


Perviously my friend and I wanted to go out for Halloween but last minute we were running around trying to figure out what to be and thats when we decided to be zombies! The image below on the left was taken from a DIY Zombie Shirt tutorial I found on Pinterest that we followed! We found large white tee-shirts we didn’t care about and started ripping and throwing fake blood all over the shirt! To make it even more realistic you can do crazy make up on your face or rub some dirt on your shirt! The best thing about this costume is you can make it exactly how you want it to be!

Warning!! Fake blood will stain your bathroom/bathtub! You don’t want to learn the hard way like we did, do this part outside!


Two years ago, Orange is the New Black was one of my favorite shows so this is where the inspiration for this costume came from. I went into the Spirit to find out that an inmate costume was to much for me to afford being the broke college student that I was. So my friends and I set out to make our own! We ran to Michael’s grabbed an orange tee, some black paint and stencils. After everything was dry we went out that night and instantly bonded with other inmates that loved our own spin on the costume!

While these costumes might not exactly be what you want to be for halloween you can still see how simple you can take a costume you saw online or in the store and make it yourself with your own spin on it. Also if you go to Pintrest there are a ton of different DIY costumes you can get ideas from!

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