November 20 2015

Peace Love Yoga – We’re Getting Our Spiritual Gangster On

With so many different cute workout clothes on the market,  there are not many brands that can excite us here at SFTL. We love clothes that can take you from the street while at the same time doubling as great fitness wear.

Spiritual Gangster does just that.  They are chock full of great styles, fabrics, and colors while at the same time supporting a good cause. Take one look at these cute workout clothes,  and you will instantly have to agree that this is one special go to brand that sets it apart from the rest. Forget the coolness factor, their cute workout gear is full of fun phrases, spiritual quotes with vibrant colors and adorned with metallic paints. You will find that not only can you wear these tees to work out, but they are so cool,  you can’t resist wearing them whenever and wherever you go. Add the element that Spiritual Gangster is eco friendly and made right here in the USA,  and this is a clothing brand we think you will love as much as we do.

Spiritual Gangster clothing was designed by Ian Lopatin and Vanessa Lee in 2005.  Originally based on doing yoga, it has evolved into a brand of dressing with personal style and identity. Their message of “clothing for high vibration living” translates into one cute fitness apparel line created for those who use fashion as a personal statement.

Of course their name is open to interpretation, but we see Spiritual Gangster being about becoming part of a squad of spiritual people who want to make a difference. And yes you have to admit there is that cool factor that stirs up some curiosity in others. Not only for the name Spiritual Gangster, but because this line of clothes are so darn cute and cool.

Let’s face it one thing for sure is on some level we are all connected. So why not connect right now and hop on over to Spiritual Gangster and see what we mean!
Spiritual Gangster

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