December 29 2015

Your 2016 Look – The SFTL Guide to Fashion Resolutions by Hallie Salko

The New Year is coming.  It’s only Tuesday, and already, everyone (including us), has said to you, “Out with the old and in with the new.” at least fifty million times.  So you’ve been thinking about it, and you’ve decided, this is the year you are going to do it!  You’ve resolved to resolve like a fashionista.

anna winotourNot so fast!  Before you make those fashion resolutions, we’ve got some advice:

do1. Do take this opportunity to freshen your wardrobe.  There’s a good chance that it’s time for those sweatpants that you got at your 7th grade boyfriend’s Bar Mitzvah to go.

sweatpantsgiphyAnd while you’re at it, find a charity that takes clothing donations.  There are plenty of people that will be happy to have your gently worn hand me downs whether or not they are the latest fashion.
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2. Do take advantage of opportunities to finance your new purchases. Check out resale sites like eBay Valet, Material Wrld, The RealReal and ThredUP to sell any of your old clothes that you don’t end up donating.


3. Do take some chances.  Never wear color?  Maybe now is the time.  We hear “orange is the new black” for spring 2016 (seriously), so we say, go for it!

orangegiphy4. Do challenge your basic assumptions.  Not every formal dress has to be short and tight.  Alexander Wang, Wes Gordon, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Yigal Azrouel all showed loose, flowy, lingerie looks for spring.  Give it a try.

Screenshot 2015-12-28 20.02.34

Photo Credit InStyle Magazine

5.  Do go for the whole look.  Does the same hair style that you’ve had since freshman year of high school really go with your new style?  When you update your wardrobe for 2016, remember to bring your hair, nails and makeup along for the ride!

buzz lighyear

1. Don’t just shop the trend.  Heard suede is in, but you can’t stand how it feels?  Don’t do it!  Nothing kills a good look like feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.


2. Don’t give up on comfort.  Make sure that what you buy actually fits.  You’re never fully dressed without a smile, as the saying goes, and it is nearly impossible to plant one on your face and look like you really mean it when you are wearing three pairs of Spanx, and you can’t breathe, sit down or do anything else that involves moving.


3  Don’t forget the accessories.  There’s nothing like an amazing bag to update your look.  We hear pouches like these are going to be big for 2016.

Screenshot 2015-12-28 20.40.13

Pnoto Credit InStyle Magazine

4.  Don’t freeze for the sake of fashion.  Resolving to leave your big, long, and yes, we’ll say it for you, unattractive down coat and snow boots home so that you can rock your cute short jacket and high heel booties when you go to school in the midwest, and it’s two degrees with snow and ice on the ground shows no sense at all – fashion or otherwise.


5.  Don’t forget to be yourself.  The most beautiful look is you feeling great about being you.

beauty begins


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