November 26 2016

You Will Never Be Perfect And That’s Okay


In today’s scoiety women are portrayed to look a certain way. We need to be skinny, be a certain height, and have large breasts. We need to act a certain way. We can’t be too clingy, too needy, too slutty, too prude, or too available. We have expectations to live up to that are just plain ridiculous. Simply because none of us will ever be the same. Yet, guys believe that there are “perfect” women out there.

We’re told we need to act lady like, what does that even mean? We need to have manners. We need to cook all the time and clean. We need to have children one day. We need to let a man provide for us. We can’t stick up for ourselves. We’re seen as sexual objects for men and we can thank porn and commercials for that. We need to have clear skin. We can’t be too pale or too tan though. Our hair needs to be a certain length and it has to be brown or blonde. We need to dress a certain way, but we can’t be too slutty, but we need to show enough skin, but not too much skin. Singles' Day! 15% Off for Any You Like Code:SL ! Free Shipping! If you’re tall, you can’t wear heels and if you’re short you need to wear heels all the time. You need to present yourself and look good every single day. You need to wear make up all the time. You can’t wear too much though or you’ll look like a clown, but you can’t wear very little make up or you won’t be able to tell you’re wearing any. You have to have great eyebrows and if you don’t you need to get them done all the time. You need to shave or wax all the time, your body basically needs to be hairless. If you don’t have a boyfriend, something must be wrong with you. You need to wear the color pink since you’re a girl. You can’t be too smart, but you also can’t be dumb. You need to be nice all the time. You need to have curves. You need to have a flat stomach. You need to eat healthy but you also need to eat junk food. You can’t drink too much but you can’t drink too little. You can’t be more succesful than a man. You need to smell nice all the time.

We all have to deal with all these expectations everybody expects from us. We’re told we need to be this and be that but how about we just be ourselves instead? Sometimes, we can’t help the way our body or face looks, sometimes it’s just genetics. We can’t change our personality. We can’t change the way we are and we shouldn’t, especially not for a man. The girls you see in porn and magazines aren’t even real. Half the time, computers are used to make them look different from what they really are. Models aren’t as skinny or tan as you think and their faces don’t look nearly that perfect. Society has tricked us into thinking that something is wrong with us, when really there is somethng wrong with everyone else.

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