August 31 2015

Write For Us



Are you an aspiring writer, video blogger or photographer?  Have something you want to say or a visual you want to share?  Confidence building advice for others on the topics of food, fashion, business or fitness?  An inspirational story that you know our readers would love to hear?

If so, become a part of the She’s Fit to Lead team.  Contact us at info@shesfittolead.com and we’ll tell you how to get started.

About She's Fit to Lead

She's Fit To Lead is a community for the next leaders of our generation. We believe the simple act of connecting with one another is a critical step in building confidence and a successful future. Our community connects young women at college campuses and starting careers across the country, challenging and empowering them to unlock their true potential. ABOUT SFTL

2 thoughts on “Write For Us

  1. I am a Transformational Mindset and Body Coach and I have a blog about life experiences. My main aim to reach out to women and inspire them to follow their passion and live the life they always dreamed of.

    1. Hello,

      Our founder is actually a health coach who is soon going to be sharing her stories with our followers.

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