May 24 2016

With: The Social Network That’s Actually Social

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More often than not, when I’m hanging out with my friends, someone recommends that we play the phone game. For those not familiar with this game, it entails that everyone you’re hanging out with places their phones in a pile. The first person to reach for or use their phone loses the game. So, what exactly is the purpose of this game? Well, given the extreme prominence of social media in our lives, we often cannot resist the temptation to post on or check our various social media accounts and see what our friends are doing elsewhere. This is the problem. What’s the purpose of hanging out with your friends if you are so engrossed in what people are doing elsewhere?This summer I am interning for an up and coming app, which aims to solve the above problem.

This summer I am interning for an up-and-coming app, which aims to solve the above problem. With: Be With Your Friends, co- founded by Dominic Konstam and Atlas Wegman, is helping people live in the moment. The app launched a few short months ago and already has a fast-growing network of enthusiastic users. Instead of using social media to isolate users from the present, With concentrates on allowing users to connect with those currently around them. Essentially, this is the first social network that is actually social. This app offers a platform to share and connect with people you are actually interested in interacting with, versus other platforms that are often polluted with content that may be irrelevant to you. Instead of making social media seem like the enemy, With has given social media a fun, exciting, and interactive new rep.

Using location services, the app allows you to “tap with” or connect with your friends.

Screen Shots!Users simply hold their phones next to each other, hold down the tap button, and create a group together.

Screen Shots!.002Once they are in the group they can invite other users, post photos, and share content that is relevant to what they are currently doing.

Screen Shots!.003These groups are a way to create a story of what you’re doing, where you are, and who you are with.

Screen Shots!.004Within each group users can “hype” or “like” each other’s photos, leave comments, or save photos to their phone, which is my mom’s favorite feature because now she doesn’t have to bug me to send her all my pictures.

This summer I am working alongside PR & Marketing Manager Remi Zimmerman and another intern, Sydney Falchook, to promote the app, attract new users, and show people what they are missing out on while they’re engrossed with other social media platforms. We just spent time at Pop Up NY pitching the app to various vendors and people who attended the event. Our goal was to show people that this is the first social network that allows you to interact with your friends in a way you may have been missing out on before. We “tapped” with people who visited our booth and invited them to join our group for the day. Users then posted pictures of what they were up to at the pop-up and were able to get a feel for what the app is all about. Since With is all about experiences, each new user was able to share content unique to their day at Pop Up NY.

My experience with the app showed me that instead of using other social media outlets to tap out, I can tap in with my friends on With and create memories by living in the here & now. To see what all the hype is about visit www.getwith.co.


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  1. Finally a social media app which gets it. This could be just what we need to get back to being social again. Love the idea of having to physically interact with someone to be their friend. Good read!

  2. Fun, interesting and well written article by this writer. Can’t wait to try this with my friends!

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