December 17 2015

Why I love the University of Michigan? Because Nobody’s Got it Better than Us.

On the ever dreaded common app, completed by thousands of high school seniors each fall, many schools include additional supplements- just because why not increase the pressure of the college process right? When I applied to the University of Michigan they asked me, Why Michigan? What made me, a girl from suburban Connecticut want to venture to the frigid mid-west? Well, before college was a thought in my head, Michigan was just the place with the 5 great lakes that I had to memorize for fourth grade geography. As time went on, Michigan became the school, the dream, the goal: my end point, where I wanted to be. And looking back, I did not even know the half of why I wanted Michigan…I just feel lucky that I know why I love it now.

Michigan prides itself on having one of the largest living alumni networks in the country; and it is truly obvious when you are here. Too many of my friends are the children of Michigan graduates and have been wearing M-Den gear since they could remember, and while I cannot classify with that category of kids, I can say that it is a reason I love the University of Michigan: because I know I am not alone in my love and obsession. Graduates continue to return for Saturday game days each fall, their young toddlers waddling around the Diag and making everyone’s day that much better. Michigan alums (and maybe even students) able to infect their surrounding family and friends with the maize craze.


Which is rightfully infectious, because there is nothing else that can wake up college students by 6 on a Saturday morning. Walking out of my dorm by 7:30 on game day, the streets are already started to become filled with maize shirts, hail leggings and face stickers. The dining halls even open early for the occasion. And by noon, game time, you’ll never see such die hard fans in one place at one time. The Big House truly packs up: and the fans are not just freshman to seniors in college. They range from grandparents down to babies, all cheering on Harbaugh’s rejuvenated team. Because ‘nobody’s got it better than us.’


I like to say that Michigan is my perfect college campus, and maybe I’m bias but trust me, people agree. We have the central campus, the diag where some sit on nice days and where clubs gather to promote their cause even in the dead of winter. The buildings are mostly all together. The dining halls are generally spot on. Yet, we are not in the middle of nowhere: Ann Arbor happens to be a hopping city. When you tell people that you go to school in Michigan, images of cornfield come to mind I’m sure (which is not entirely inaccurate because on my 10-hour drive to move in the corn fields were endless.) But when you step foot on campus, its metropolitan, nothing resembling fields of the Mid West. The restaurants running up and down both State and Main Street are both endless, and delicious: I can honestly say that truffle guacamole is as good as it sounds, and I found it in Ann Arbor. The Zingerman’s sandwiches are as famous as they should be, the colliders from Rods are worth the walk, and living next door to NYPD (New York Pizza Depot, no fear not the police) is as tempting and dangerous as you can imagine- I mean how many nights can you turn down baked ziti on top of your pizza?


I love Michigan because here, you can’t forget the most important part of college: the actual education- okay some may beg to differ on what is the most important part. But here, you know that you are surrounded by people who care about their success and their education. Where else is a dead silent room one of the most sceney locations on a weekday? Even the frattiest of frat boys will take a night off of partying to tend to their studies. You’re not alone in the struggle of studying endlessly and you have the support system to get you through it. Would it be too cliché of me to say its ‘work hard, play hard’? Because it is, and in all honesty: Nobody’s got it better than us.


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