April 20 2016

Why I Don’t #LoveMyShape

Shape Magazine has recently taken over Instagram with the #LoveMyShape movement. While the reasoning for the movement should be applauded, as body- and self-confidence is extremely important, this method of doing so is not OK.

Let me be clear, women are people; we are not any kind of object, and, yes, that includes shapes. By having women say that they love their shapes, it takes the message that women should be comfortable with their bodies and happy with who they are and transforms it into an objectifying movement that hinders the ability for women and society to progress.

Image sourced via giphy.com

Image sourced via giphy.com

I will not say I love my shape, for my body is not a shape. It is not a circle, a pear, an inverted triangle, a rectangle, or whatever other ridiculous object you want to compare it to. My body is a body, and it is a complicated masterpiece of this world that grows and develops every day. I will not let this masterpiece, this biological necessity, the part of life that makes me, me, be objectified by society.

People have no reason or justification for being so obsessed with women’s bodies in the first place. For the most part, a woman’s figure is determined by biology, and biology can’t change. And, besides, since when does the way someone looks shed light onto who they are as a person? Bodies are vessels for our personalities and spirits to shine; they are not books whose covers are meant to be judged.

Each body is developed differently, and, just like everybody is unique in their personalities, their bodies are unique in their build and capabilities. Some women are tall, some are short, some have bigger builds and some have smaller frames, but each woman is beautiful. If you really want to show the world you are proud of who you are, what you’ve done and how much you have accomplished, don’t limit yourself to an unmalleable and standard object. Instead, tell the world you are you—a transformable and ever-changing individual who is dedicated to growth and self-improvement.

It’s time to stop letting society tell us that we look like fruits and shapes, and, instead, to tell the world why we are fit to be successful, why we are fit to be women, and why we are fit to deserve better than this current treatment. You are fit to be a professor, a surgeon, a lawyer, a CEO, a mother, a daughter, a friend, and, most importantly, you.

Image sourced via giphy.com

Image sourced via giphy.com

Tell your loved one she’s #FittoBe because:

Her personality shines.
She’s committed to serving others.
She is always there to listen.
She works her ass off in the gym.
Her favorite activity is adventuring.
She is amazing.

There are so many ways to show love for others and ourselves, other than objectifying everyone’s bodies. With the constant negativity surrounding women and the way we look, it’s time that we fight back and demand a change in perception. We are meant to love each other and to love ourselves, so I will not #LoveMyShape, I will love myself because I’m #FittoBe me.

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