November 29 2015

We Go Together! That Special Bond Between Roomies, by Jordan Cohen


Thanksgiving break is over.  You’re feeling kind of sad about leaving the fam, but then, you walk in the door of your dorm room or apartment, and you break out in a big smile, when you see your roomie is there waiting for you.  Jordan Cohen shares her thoughts with us about this bond like no other:

Roommates have a special kind of bond that not even best friends have. They see you more than anyone else, in the most sacred of places: your home. Your roommate won’t judge you for having three milkshakes in one day or wearing the same shirt for three days. They genuinely want to know how your test went or what the latest drama is in your life. Your roommates put up with a lot, and for that they are the greatest people on this planet. Luckily for you, you’re free to say and do whatever you please because your roommate is stuck with you! Despite the small space of a dorm room, big memories are sure to be made!

roomies2Here are 40 things that you have definitely said to your roommate or your roommate has said to you.

1. Are you home right now?

2. Do you have a lot of homework?

3. Want to watch “Scandal”?

4. Will you do my makeup?


5. Are you going out tonight?

6. Does this outfit look okay?

7. I have the best pictures of you from last night

8. “Wanna go out?” “nah” “okay same”

9. Should I Insta this?

10. We are going to eat very healthy this week *while eating an entire pack of cookie dough*

Chocolate chip cookie dough

11. Is it socially acceptable to wear this two days in a row?

12. I don’t have any going out clothes

13. Can I borrow *insert article of clothing here*?

14. What’s the weather like outside?

15. What’s his name? I want to stalk him on facebook

facebook stalker16. I had the weirdest dream last night

17. What should I respond to this text?

18. You can shower first

19. *Roommate leaves* *gets a text 5 minutes later* I forgot to unplug my straightener

20.  “Can I eat the muffin that’s on your desk?” “yeah of course” “okay good because I already ate it”

blueberry muffin21. We need to clean our room this weekend

22. Have you seen my *insert item here*?

23. Does my hair look greasy? Can I get away without showering tonight?

24. Can I still eat this *insert food item* if it expired 2 days ago?

25. Can you let me in? I can’t find my key

26. Want to cuddle?

friends gif27. Can I post this picture of you or will you kill me?

28. Have you eaten yet?

29.  *Roommate answers yes* Okay, so what am I supposed to do for dinner then?

30. If I make popcorn would you eat some?

popcorn gif31. Want to come with me to *insert location of an errand here*?

32. If I sleep through my alarm wake me up

33. I’m randomly feeling motivated… want to go to the gym?

34. I’m so glad you’re home, I was so lonely!!

35. It’s so hot in here ugh

36. You were talking in your sleep last night

sleep talking37. Think of a caption for this picture

38. Is my hair straightened in the back?

39. What would I do without you?

40. Goodnight, I love you

My Roommate Cristina and Me

My Roommate Cristina and Me

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