July 6 2018

The Start To Being Body Positive Today By Guest Blogger, Jasna Jute

Viewing our body in a negative light has an affect on the we think. Yes, once in a while we’ve all thought that we’re not the best looking. Maybe, there’s something wrong with our body, but when you believe everyday that you’re not beautiful. You’re only putting yourself down.
Being body positive is all about accepting and loving your body. After all, you only have one. I’m here to help you see just how beautiful you are.

Give yourself a break
Your body has been through a lot. You were born this tiny baby, that grew and grew until where you are now. Whether you’ve had three kids, recently put on some weight and have noticed a few lumps and bumps, or you think you have skinny legs. Give yourself a break. You’re only human.

Accept that this is your body
Those are your thighs with the dimples, your stomach with the tiger stripes and your round booty. You have over thirty-seven trillion cells in your body and they’re all yours why not love them instead of criticizing them.

Love your flaws
This is a hard one. Loving your flaws is basically, loving the parts you think are the worst bits of who you are. I can promise you now, your flaws are never as bad as you think they are. Trying to be perfect has been something I’ve always wanted, I may not be perfect to someone else. However, I’m perfect to me and I love who I am. I know it’s tough to even accept your flaws, never mind about loving them. Once you give it a try, you’ll start to feel a bit more free.

Wear what you like
I’ve always disliked articles that say you can’t wear a particular item because you’re a certain body shape. I’ve got a booty on me and I wear leggings. I’m tall and I don’t just wear flats. The point is, as long as you’re comfortable and have a fierce attitude, who cares what you’re wearing.

Know your worth
You are amazing. Trust that you’re an awesome person and that you’re beautiful inside and out. I know you are. Know that you are worthy of feeling beautiful and proud of who you are.

Treat your body right
Body positivity starts in the mind, you need a healthy mind to accept yourself the way you are. So eat right. Exercise when you can. Pamper yourself every now and then. You live with your body everyday of you life, you should treat it good.

Accept the haters
There is always going to be people judging you. You have to accept the haters that are there. Then you ignore them, because they are full of negativity that you don’t need in your life.

Stop the negative talk
Instead of saying horrible things about yourself, start saying nice things. Focus on the things you do like about your body. Look in the mirror and point out all the things you love about yourself.

It takes time to get there, it took me years to love the way I am now. In the end, loving your body can be so rewarding. We’re all beautiful in our own way. Some of us just need to be reminded now and again, just how awesome we really are.

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