December 28 2015

The SFTL Guide to Healthy Resolution Making – Fitness Resolutions You Can Stick To by Ximena Iglesias

Core Offer Banner - 468x60It’s December 31st, and you’re reflecting on your accomplishments, achievements, and maybe some failures and other things you hadn’t quite gotten to yet.  2015, you will be missed…or maybe not?


Out with the old, and in with the new!

new years giphyAccording to the Huffington Post, about a zillion people make resolutions that relate to fitness around the New Year. And about three-quarters of a zillion of them don’t stick to those resolutions past six weeks.

informationgiphyFirst of all, what type of number is a zillion?! Second of all, while the new year is a GREAT opportunity to resolve to get into something new, fitness-wise, the most important part is making sure it’s something you can actually stick with.  So, before you join in with other zillion making those fitness resolutions, here’s some advice.  Most important?

Set realistic goals that you believe you can attain

fitnessresolutiongiphyIf you’re planning on resolving to make a big jump, think twice.  Going from zero/very little activity to hitting an everyday grind can lead to an increased chance of injury and is likely to result in your giving up.  

giving up

Even marathon runners start small and build up to the larger distance. Start with 2-3 days at the gym instead of jumping to all 7 days of the week.

Here are more quick tips to help you stick to your fitness goals throughout the year:

  •   Hold a plank –If you can or can’t, this is a great start! It warms up your body and activates your arms, core and upper body!


  •   Play It Safe –If you’ve never lifted weights before, starting with the heaviest dumb bells is a bad plan!


  •   Keep it realistic –Starting small.  Remember rest days and easy days are necessary for recuperating.  Without those recovery days, you won’t get the results you want.  

Sweaty Betty

  •   Set a performance goal (a realistic one!)  – Whether it’s exercising more, working up to those heavier weights or increasing your distance running, it’s great to have a goal to work toward.            

powerpuffsGoals=Accomplishments & Accomplishments=CONFIDENCE

  •   Keep a journal –This helps to keep track of your overall progress!  (There are some great apps for this!)


  •   Have a buddy –Gym buddies help you stay motivated. Friendly competition never hurts either


  • FUN –the most important part of all! If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, staying motivated might be hard.


As for me, my fitness resolution this year include trying and teaching new fitness classes, adding more new activities to my fitness regimen and increasing my daily water intake!  



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