December 10 2015

The Semester Finale – Our Antidote to Finals Week by Stefie Sabar

With finals week here or just around the corner, many of us find ourselves in a panic. Stress, anxiety, panic-all hover over our heads making us feel helpless. Our lives for the next couple of weeks are going to consist of long nights in the library, cramming in every free hour to study and do our last assignments, regretting that one class you missed that gave you a B on participation, and many, MANY, mental breakdowns. However, as unrealistic it may seem, these mental breakdowns and weeks of torture can be avoided and mended in so many ways. Go through your finals week calm, collected, and poised. It may sound hard, but with a couple of tips, you WILL keep your well-being over the next weeks.


  • Have a routine. Routines are so helpful in that they make things feel normal. Since finals week has a tendency of encouraging not-normal lifestyle choices (ie. staying at the library until 2 am and eating Salt and Vinegar chips for dinner),  it is so imperative to try and make everything as normal as it can be. Wake up around the same time every morning.  Try and eat about the same thing for breakfast.  Go to the gym if you normally do.  Then head to the library. If you keep your original routines, make a brand new one (but still a routine)  or even a slightly modified version of your original, you will find yourself a lot more relaxed.
  • Don’t put your life on hiatus. On the theme of keeping things normal with routines, you should also make sure you aren’t putting your entire life on a hiatus during finals. Live your life as you normally live it-as if it isn’t finals week. If you normally do yoga or go take a spin class, keep that up during finals. You may have to give or take some classes here and there to fit within your new finals schedule, but make it an imperative to keep things going. If you don’t, then you will start to feel unbalanced and even more anxious that you have not done the things you normally do.
  • Make lists. Lists help you stay on track with your assignments and things to do. If you see what you have to do, you won’t forget and you remain organized. Plus, the satisfaction that comes with crossing something off a list is amazing


  • Breaks are key. Study breaks are so vital to your finals week experience. Obviously there are those 10-15 minute breaks that you take while studying. Those are important; however, I am really focusing on more longer, effective, and therapeutic breaks. Take some substantial time for yourself.
  • Believe in yourself. One of the most easiest ways to get wrapped up and hysterical over studying is through a lack of self-confidence. If you don’t believe that you’re trying hard enough or retaining information well enough, then you’re going to work yourself up. Stay calm and believe that you are doing everything you can to study.


  • Give yourself rewards. As a college student, I understand how it’s hard to see the bright side during finals week. This is the time where rewards or splurges are super appropriate. Let yourself get your favorite treat at Starbucks during a study break to lighten up your day. Give yourself a new pair of fuzzy socks.
    Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy, feel good, and ease up on your stresses.


  • Take a step back. It’s so easy to get caught up in the histeria during finals week. When you feel like you need to break down, take a step back. Think to yourself, is this worth my time of getting hysterical over? Most of the time, you’ll realize it’s not.

Good Luck!!

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