June 10 2016

The Role of Humanity in the Universe

dive-in-deck-cardsAt Connect To Confidence in NYC last month, we were fortunate to become acquainted with Dive in Deck.  Dive in Deck features cards that are designed to “ignite and inspire deeper conversation.”  We love this approach to elevating the dialogue and creating a way for us to interact with one another that is empowering, inspiring and uplifting.  Next Thursday, we’ll be introducing you to the founders of Dive in Deck via Facebook Live.  In the meantime, in collaboration with Dive in Deck, we’ve launched the Dive in Deck Question of The Week.  This week, Li Cohen shares her thoughts on:


The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why. There are currently more than 7 billion people in the world, which means that there are more than 14 billion greatest days, and those numbers are continuously growing. While this is a simple bit of math to understand, what’s not quite so simple is how those 14 billion days come about.

Each birth and each enlightenment as to what an individual’s life purpose is, comes about from meaningful connections. Every stranger met walking down the road, every student approached in class, and every friend or family member that has entered one’s life is a connection that, in some way, shape or form, changes that individual’s life.

Whether it be for better or worse, these impacts are created through time, and time is what leads individuals to understanding how other people think, why their personalities are constructed as they are, and what the people around them are capable of doing. Dedicating time to understanding these things is what allows the human race to grow and develop and create an appreciation that is spelled l-o-v-e.

Love is not only something individuals feel for their significant others, family members, or friends, but is also the ultimate connection to everything in the universe. It is seen in relationships, felt in the way the wind entangles itself in ones’ hair, heard in the infinite sounds of nature, and read in the multiple discoveries that are shared with people daily. For the time being, those on Earth are the only form of humanity in our universe, and that is not by chance.

No matter what one’s religious or spiritual beliefs may be, people were created to discover the mysteries of the universe and be a part of the most intricate and beautiful experience imaginable — to love. Loving oneself, loving others and loving the universe is complete by appreciating all of the qualities that make each of those subjects unique. Gaining this appreciation and learning what love truly is, leads people to discovering their purpose for being alive. And, the more people who make this discovery, the more accomplished humanity becomes.

The role of humanity is not necessarily to create the greatest tools and is certainly not to succumb to impersonal ‘likes’ and instant messages. The role of humanity is to understand that the purpose for life itself is a rare gift that should not be taken advantage of. All the research, technology and understandings of life lead to only one conclusion: there may be more than 7 billion people alive, but out of all the planets and galaxies known to man, these 7 billion people are the only people, and it is their job to establish the connections that make life worth living. Life is short and humanity is small, but appreciating this fact is what makes the universe’s existence so beautiful.

The greatest day in history was when humanity was born, and the second greatest day in history is when people understand why. It is up to the people of this world to understand why they are here and why, out of all the existences known to man, humanity is what is able to think clearly, appreciate fondly, and love fiercely. People are capable of more than anything imaginable, and by establishing meaningful connections with others and demonstrating the true meaning of love and time to the wonders of the universe, the meaning of life itself, and the role of humanity, is fulfilled.

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