December 7 2017

The Peaceful Pieces – Handmade Items

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m from the Metro Detroit area in Michigan, where I live now with my boyfriend and sweet little dog, Duffy. I am the creator of The Peaceful Pieces, my jewelry and crystal online shop, as well as a full time manager in retail. Both of these jobs keep me really busy!  However, I always make it a priority to spend time with my family, friends, and most importantly, myself.  On my own time I love dog walks, meditation, yoga, dancing and expressing my creativity. This is usually by making jewelry or anything my heart desires!  I love crystals and believe in their healing properties. Therefore, most of my jewelry is crystal inspired.

What exactly is The Peaceful Pieces?

The Peaceful Pieces is my business that sells handmade jewelry, crystals and other handmade items. Every creation is created with good and well meaning intentions for the receiver. In addition, I love to spread crystal knowledge, so I provide a small selection of raw or polished loose stones for crystal enthusiasts.

What inspired you to start The Peaceful Pieces?

Before The Peaceful Pieces, I had a jewelry business called “Joyas de Fia”, which was mostly just charm bracelets. At the time, I was making pink charm bracelets for the Breast Cancer Awareness month and donating the profits to that cause, which was a huge success. This inspired me to decide that a portion of all my product sales should go to a good cause and help in some way. However, as I further explored my creativity, I started making other handmade items, such as candles, hair accessories and natural health care products for people.  That’s when the The Peaceful Pieces was born.  I changed it to a name that could incorporate more than jewelry items as well as reflect the good intentions behind my items.

What is the mission behind Peaceful Pieces?

One mission of the The Peaceful Pieces has been and will always be to give back a portion of the profits to a good cause or to the community.  However, with my exploration into natural healing, another mission developed for The Peaceful Pieces over the past year, which was to spread the knowledge of crystal healing through my jewelry.

As I expanded my personal interest in crystal healing, my jewelry became inspired by crystals and gemstones.  The more I learned about their healing properties, the more I used them in everything piece that I made. My hope is that through jewelry, I can spread interest in the natural healing of crystals as well as provide opportunity to buy stones for personal use.

You give back with every purchase, can you tell us about that?

As I mentioned before, when I started the business, my intention was to always give back a portion of the profits to a good cause or to my community in some way.  I have been inspired to give portions to Breast Cancer Awareness, the Humane Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

However, my most recent give back inspiration is more personal and more dear to my heart. After bonding over my crystal necklace at a store with a woman in line, I later found out she was homeless.  Befriending her, plus having many other interactions with homeless individuals in Downtown Detroit, I was inspired to help in some way. Instead of giving money to the homeless I encountered, which I was doing before, I started handing out handmade “Blessing Bags”.  These are bags filled with essential items for people that live on the street, for example, hygiene products, food items, small clothes items such as socks and ponchos. I have made these blessing bags for the past year and been personally giving them out has well as giving them to others to give out.

Where are your products sold? Are they sold in stores?

I have been selling my products online, through my Etsy shop, which has been exciting to see grow. I have participated in many vendor craft shows over the years but for two years, I have been a vendor at Detroit’s Eastern Market. Participating every week in the summer and holidays has been incredibly fun and a growing success for me.  I also have jewelry available for sale at Citizen Yoga, which is located in three different Metro Detroit locations.  Last, I have a booth of jewelry and stones for sale at Countryside Mall, a vendor mall located in Sterling Heights, MI.

Is there a favorite product that everyone loves?

I must say that its hard to pinpoint a favorite item that I sell the most.  I have customers looking for all kinds of jewelry ranging from certain crystal and mala necklaces, earrings, hair clips or bracelets. I also receive requests for certain loose gemstones.  There is a wide range of requests that I get as well as items that I sell.

How do you spread the word about your company?

Lately I have been focusing on social media outlets to advertise for my company and send traffic to my online shop.  I try to keep up daily posts of my items on Facebook and Instagram, which you can follow @ThePeacefulPieces.

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Persistence is key! You will have bad days when it seems like nothing is happening and even question if you’re doing the right thing. I’ve had those days! I have learned that if you continue to push through, you will see the results of all your efforts. If you really believe in something, don’t let doubt get you!  Follow your heart and your intuition, eventually you’ll reach every goal in your business and in life.

What is one the rise for The Peaceful Pieces?

Right now The Peaceful Pieces has been preparing for the holidays and holiday market selling. I’m always trying new jewelry designs and love using new crystals, which I plan to have at the Eastern Market’s Holiday Market in Detroit.  I also love doing custom orders, which has been keeping me busy lately.  I am always open to new custom orders! It is always interesting to see what customers want. It also inspires me to create new items for the shop!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?  Thank you for this opportunity to share my business! Love and light to all have read my story and good luck to all the entrepreneurs out there! Keep on trucking!

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