May 2 2017

The Curated Box That’s Just For You

Moms know everything,  We all know that.  And they definitely know how to find the best gifts.  So when moms and sisters Annyssa and Brianna teamed up to design the best curated box for college students, we knew they would nail it, and of course they did.  Check out Me To You Box – the curated box just for you.  

What is Me To You Box? 

Me To You Box (www.metoyoubox.com) is a unique online college care package business shipping premium monthly boxes to students across the United States.  Purchasers can add an element of personalization through a note and even a photograph to be included in the gift.

There are a lot of curated boxes out there.  What makes yours special?

What makes Me To You Box unique is its content.  It is not a box of snacks.  Every month we send 4-6 unique and full sized items from different categories (i.e. tech accessory, dorm essential, delicious snack, trendy gift, and a health & beauty item).  We work with companies that align with us socially and have products that are relevant and uplifting for students.

What was your inspiration for starting Me To You Box? 

Our children were the inspiration for starting Me To You Box.  The sentiment of doing or giving “just because” was how our parents raised us.  It turned out to be those moments that truly were the most meaningful.  It’s like a random act of kindness.  We are hoping that our consumers find the same joy through gifting Me To You Box.  Your student might be homesick…have an academic success…experience heart ache…have a birthday…these are all great reasons to send a Me To You Box OR your reason can simply be “just because”.

What were you doing before starting Me To You Box? Has entrepreneurship been what you expected?

Brianna – I had been running a small business of my own leading up to this venture.  My husband has been an inspirational entrepreneur.  It has been the appreciation and respect of these experiences along with the love for family that has made Me To You Box a perfect fit.  It has been more fulfilling than I expected and I am doing it with my sister.

Annyssa – I was a stay at home mom.  As my kids entered high school, I had been listening more intently to what women around me were doing in their careers.  I knew it was time to find something, but didn’t know what it would be.  Then the day came when my sister called me and said, “I have a great idea for a business…”.  Two months later we were up and running.  Entrepreneurship has exceeded my expectations.

What is it like working with your sister?

Brianna – Amazing.  My sister is my best friend and we have always wanted to work together.  We align deeply on our Me To You Box mission (as do we with most things in our lives), and did I mention how much fun it is!

Annyssa – A dream come true.  It is never lost on me that this venture would not be the same if we weren’t doing it together.

How does Me To You Box give back?  What is Julia’s Butterfly Foundation? 

Me To You Box proudly gives back by donating a portion of our revenues to Julia’s Butterfly Foundation (www.juliasbutterflyfoundation.org).  JBF is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of terminally and chronically ill children and their families.

What did you study while in college? Knowing what you know now (about life and entrepreneurship), is there anything you would have done differently?

Brianna – I graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Communications.  Knowing what I know now, I would have lived my life with a bit more certainty when it came to my gut.  I have always followed that which I am passionate about, and if I could do it again, I would do it with more confidence.

Annyssa – I graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Business Management and a MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology.  I can’t say I would do anything differently.  Every choice I have made in life has led me here.  To do something differently may have altered or denied this path my sister and I are on.

Tell us about work life balance.  How do you carve out me time? 

Work life balance means understanding and excepting that every day will be different.  That being said, some days will allow more time for the business and other days simply cannot.  Carve out time according to what the day serves up both personally and professionally.

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Describe yourself in three words.  Describe each other in three words. 

Brianna about herself – Creative. Optimistic. Patient.

Brianna about Annyssa – Fortitude. Uplifting. Purposeful.

Annyssa about herself – Calm. Empathetic. Composed.

Annyssa about Brianna – Present. Persevering. Wise.

What’s your message for aspiring entrepreneurs?  What do you wish you knew?

Brianna – My message for aspiring entrepreneurs is to take great inspiration in others and their stories.  Be a good listener.  I wish I knew I could rely more on my own “vision”.  When you have an intuition, be true to it.

Annyssa – Never become complacent. Be grateful for every email and phone call you need to make or return because they mean you and your business are moving forward.  Set new goals, don’t fear change and remember to be present…be where your feet are.

Check it out at www.metoyoubox.com and on Instagram @me2youbox

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