August 20 2015

The Confident Girl’s Guide to Going Back to School – 6 Tips for A Great Year by Zara Puskuldjian

unnamed-2Wow, can you believe it! August is slipping away before our eyes! The best days are ending…Barbeques, bathing suits and now, the summer blues… the days start slipping by faster and faster as I try to savor each day along the way because before we know it, it’s really going to be over.

We all know it’s not so easy to get back into the hang of things after spending hours laying around by the pool or endless nights out with the girls!
With the school year approaching fast it seems like there are countless things that we have to do while still enjoying every minute of it!

As August flies by, consider these 6 tips to get ready for the upcoming school year:
1. Soak Up The Sun Take the remaining time this summer to do more of what you love; whether you’re going to the gym, taking workout classes, cooking yourself delicious yet healthy meals, shopping, spending late nights out or just relaxing! Get your beauty sleep.  You are going to realize how important it is!


2. Set Your Goals For The Year –Want something in life? Go for it! You never know if you don’t try! There are so many different distractions that we encounter; between school, work, social media, friends, and everything that needs to get done. It’a very important for you to stay focused!  Take this “calm before the storm” time to set motivational, fitness, academic or even financial goals for yourself. Remember it takes time for change, but once you set a routine, it will all just become an established habit!

ghjk3. Establish Healthy Routines – What we eat has a huge impact on keeping our bodies strong, energized and well maintained. When you eat well, you are taking care of your body.  That’s why it’s so important to eat three quality meals a day! (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) Even snacking on an apple or a healthy bite when you’re hungry is important for that extra energy! Healthy eating is great for constant energy, staying strong for workouts/activities, maintaining your weight and even keeping your brain on track!  Start now and it will be easier to stay disciplined once school starts.

4. Avoid overload– For many of us, the summer is a much lower stress time than the school year.  Before that stress builds, make a plan for when you get to that too much to do and too little time place.   It’s important for you to slow down your day to take care of yourself, even if that just means getting to bed earlier, eating right or getting time to do a destressing activity like yoga.

5. Scheduling– Now is the time to plan ahead! Plan for the next day, the next week or even the next month! Write down everything; school activities, after school activities, gym visits, yoga classes, nail appointments, what’s for dinner, plans you make with your friends or family, and even schedule your “me” time.  Organizing yourself will help ease you back into your school year routines, and is a great way to keep your stress level down.  

SFTL6. Don’t forget to have fun– Settling down to focus on a busier schedule doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the fun things that you did during the summer! Still go out with your friends, go to dinner with the boy you’ve been dying to go out with, continue taking your fitness classes and never forget to live your life to the fullest!  

Summer is an awesome time to relax, recharge, and reorganize as much as you can while staying happy, healthy and having fun! I am such a summer girl!!  

As sad as I am that summer is ending, I’m still looking forward to the school year starting and to new challenges ahead.  Whether you are just starting out, starting somewhere new, or headed back, the year ahead is your time to make new friends, try some different classes, explore new places and take some chances.  Remember, dream big!  


Enjoy the rest of your summer, and have an amazing year ahead!

Zara Puskuldjian

Rising Senior at Lynn University and She’s Fit to Lead intern and contributing writer.

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