October 17 2015

The Confident Girl’s Guide To Binge Watching – 6 Confidence Inspiring Movies/TV Series to OD On This Weekend by Megan Graves, SFTL Contributing Writer


1.  The Intern (Because sometimes we all need a little Anne Hathaway in our lives):







Screenshot 2015-10-17 08.23.59Oh my gosh! I’m so incredibly pumped about this movie. If you’re a fellow AnneHathaway-lover like myself, then you absolutely need to see The Intern. Anne stars as a CEO of a start up fashion company who hires a 70-year-old intern (Robert De Niro). It’s hilarious, different, and refreshing to see such a power actress as a CEO!




  1. The Carrie Diaries

Screenshot 2015-10-17 08.24.16

How could I resist Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City as a teenager? The Carrie Diaries is a TV series (recently cancelled, and I’m still very upset about it) about Carrie Bradshaw as a junior in high school in the 1980s interning at a trendy magazine in NYC. The show follows Carrie as she navigates love, friendship, and what it takes to achieve her goals of working as a writer! I absolutely loved this series because it presents a young, confident female protagonist who achieves so much but also seems somehow so relatable to all women. (p.s. Her 80’s fashion is amazing.)

  1. Mulan


A true classic. This movie has always been my mental representation of a strong, confident woman. I loved this movie as a child, because Mulan proves that when she dedicates herself to protecting her family, she’s capable of anything (including breaking every gender norm of her time in the process).

  1. Quantico

Screenshot 2015-10-17 08.24.33This new ABC series is all the hype right now and I have to say I am addicted just after the first few episodes. The show takes place in Quantico Base training camp for future FBI agents. As soon as the recruits arrive, the competition is high and there is no room for mistakes or deep secrets. Alex Weaver is featured as the show’s strong female protagonist–a headstrong and extremely intelligent recruit who leads the competition. As the first episode progresses, we find that the show bounces back and forth between her memories of the training camp and now–after a terrorist-orchestrated disaster strikes on US soil. This show messes with your head and will have you hooked in the first 5 minutes!


  1. Lilo & Stitch

lilogiphy2People are always fans of this duo, but rarely do we recognize that Nani and Lilo make up a less-than-normal family featured in disney films. These sisters taught me so much about the importance of family (even when it involves a strange galactic extraterrestrial) and show that confidence in your own beliefs is all that matters!


  1. The Devil Wears Prada

Of course we have to end with Anne Hathaway, because who else can leave you feeling oh-so-fabulous like Annie herself? The Devil Wears Prada perfectly illustrates a college grad (Andy)’s navigation through the “real” world as well as the diabolical fashion world. With Miranda Priestly’s unmatchable reign and Andy’s enduring determination, the women in this movie inspire so much confidence in me to be proud of my aspirations and work endlessly to achieve them! (plus Meryl and Anne together=ultimate duo)


Happy Viewing!

Megan Graves is a student at Elon University.  



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