August 3 2016

The Best High is a Runner’s High

beach run

At some point in life, the truth must be told. Well, here it is: I love getting high. Don’t worry, Grandma, the drug ring I am a part of is home to a great group of people. Truthfully, I’m fairly confident you would adore them, and I’m willing to bet that you would make them some of your special brownies after talking to them for a few hours.

My addiction is not to weed or other natural or chemical products; it is to running. There is no better stress-relief than reaching the level of euphoria that running provides, especially since this high is always free-of-charge. There is just something about the sport that is incomparable to anything else in this world that brings happiness.

The first moment your feet hit the pavement, a feeling of inspiration takes over your body. As your toes and heels carry you forward, a self-created breeze begins to push you ahead, while pulling all of your stresses and demons behind. Your feet quicken, the breeze thickens, and your motivation intensifies as you go farther into the distance, forgetting everything that was weighing you down only moments before.

As miles pass, your body feels as though it’s gradually becoming weaker, but somehow, your mind is getting stronger, and despite the fatigue, your mind and legs won’t let you stop. The running continues; before you can remember that you’re running, you realize your legs have carried you into euphoria. Your legs are now your wings, and it’s as if you are soaring on top of the world, the breeze rushing into your past as your wings carry you into your future.

It’s not the distance, nor the duration, that matter, as the runner’s high can come at any time or place. And once it comes, it can never be replaced, as the euphoria it takes you to is only accessible through this single form of travel. The most exciting aspect of this high? It has no preference, nor limit, as to whom can obtain its wonders. Any runner of any experience level has the power to experience its magical existence.

Some drugs may cause unhealthy addictions, but this drug is the exception. A runner’s high is the rush of a lifetime, and that cannot be compared to any other experience. Feeling your legs carry you, helping you soar through your surroundings, is the most incredible practice — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The truth may hurt, as running sometimes does, but the outcome is always worth it. Run often, and run long.

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