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Dear Dad

Dear Dad, or Pops as you are to me, Rupi Kaur wrote, as part of her collection of poems Milk and Honey. i struggle so deeply to understand how someone can pour their entire soul blood and energy into someone without wanting anything in return – i will have to wait till i’m a mother […]


It Is Never Too Late to Change Your Path

When I was a young girl, my dream was to grow up and be a kindergarten teacher. I could already picture my first day of school outfit — a navy blue dress with white polka dots and red high heels. My aspirations changed, as they often do as a child and teenager, and I imagined […]


Being Engaged by Summer Walker

I once stumbled upon an article that a friend had shared the link to on Facebook.  It’s called “I should be Engaged” – which caught my eye particularly because the friend who had shared it is quite young.  Why in the world is she thinking she should be engaged right now, and yet she hasn’t […]