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Life Beyond College – Checking in on Jordana Schrager

What really happens to those college businesses when the founder graduates? Is it possible to make your passion your career? We wanted to know, so we thought we would check in with one of our all time favorites, Jordana Schrager, founder of Sneakers by Jordana and get the scoop on her life after graduation from […]


The Week In Pictures 2-28 Edition

Here’s what we talked about this week.  Click on any pic to learn more.     Read The Articles: 10 Snacks Under 100 Calories by Zara Puskuldjian Brownie Batter Smoothie Bowl by Melanie Kinnan Sh*t Happens by Charlotte Masucci I’m Ridin Solo by Kelly Sodano Pick of The Weekend by Jordan Cohen Becoming Your Neurotic […]