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The Change Box

The Change Box is a monthly subscription box that supports worthy causes and ethical brands while also giving back themselves! Each product is specially picked and unique such as natural beauty products, lifestyle items and snacks! What exactly is the Change Box? The Change Box is a plant-based gift and subscription box focused on showcasing brands that […]


Grocery Shopping List For Your College Mini Fridge

College means unlimited meal plans and constant dorm room deliveries. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? While it’s super exciting to have a full buffet for every meal or delivery right to your dorm room, sometimes, you will get sick of eating the same food over and over again. Having a mini fridge is definitely a plus […]


5 Ways to Take Care of Your Body This Summer

Summer is a great time for spending time in the sun and having lots of fun, but spending time outdoors can have some serious consequences if you’re not careful. Don’t let the summer days slip away leaving you dehydrated, sick, or with dangerous skin ailments. Rather, plan to make the most of your summer break […]