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Remnant International

What is Remnant? Remnant International is an expression of our desire to see humanity united. We provide vocational opportunities to marginalized people groups, specifically to Congolese refugees and Ugandan locals of Gulu, Uganda. Furthermore, we encourage cultural exchange between marginalized communities and developed world. What is your mission? We strive to provide employment to the […]


Get Baked…In Color and WIN

Nope, we’re not suggesting THAT, obviously. What we are saying is that you must must, must check out the most amazing, colorful, great tasting, hottest chocolate chip cookies ever at Baked In Color, bakedincolor.com. We’re obsessed, and founder Julie Waxman is a true inspiration. Check out our interview, and head on over to @bakedincolor on Instagram. […]


How a Side Hustle Helped Launch My Career

Side Hustle: A flexible part-time engagement done at your leisure in addition to working your full-time job. It’s similar to being a weekend warrior, where you grind through the 9-5 work week, anticipating a weekend engrossed in the activities you love, whether it’s surfing, writing or crocheting custom scarves. The difference? A side hustle allows […]