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Traveling On A Budget? Get Confident With Travel Treasures TV!

  Michele Lawson has got it all going on. This critically acclaimed actor, whose film and television credits include Law & Order: SVU, WE TV’s Cinema Therapy, and several major theatrical releases  is also a Plus Size fashion model and the founder and star of Travel Treasures TV. We love her positive outlook, her body […]


Don’t Shower Alone – Introducing The Shower Sidekick

Meet Kristin Wald, inventor of The Shower Sidekick and founder of Cotidea. We love Kristin because knowing she had a good idea, she refused to give up. The Shower Sidekick is your perfect holiday gift. Check it out at cotidea.com and on Instagram @showersidekick   When did you invent the Shower Sidekick? I invented the […]


Ideas for a Necessary Lazy Day

Lazy days aren’t just OK, they’re necessary.As someone who is very familiar with a jam-packed calendar and very unfamiliar with saying no to plans, I’ve truly come to realize the importance of a lazy day. We can all feel the pressure to say yes to everything, and constantly be active, but sometimes, the best plan is […]