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A Letter to the Single Girl on Valentine’s Day

A Letter to the Single Girl on Valentine’s Day Dear Single Girl on Valentine’s Day, I don’t know where your heart is. Maybe your heart is full without a partner, maybe your heart is heavy waiting for “the one” to fill it, or maybe your heart is broken in pieces after giving a piece of […]


7 Reasons to Shop Local

You are unique. Your character, values, personality–these incredible things that make you who you are, weren’t a creation by chance. No doubt, you’re one of a kind, but you can’t take all the credit for that. From the streets and the parks, to the restaurants and the cafes, to the halls of the high school […]


Breaking Up With Present Day Relationships

Our generation has this terminology or lingo to describe our relationships. We use the words, “thing,” and “hook up” nonchalantly. But why? Well, because we are too scared to tell it how it is. We don’t want to come on too strong or be intimidating. We have to hold our tongues because, if things get too […]