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What is Fake News and Where The Hell Does It Come From?

This election season was nothing short of exhausting. Whether you’re saddened by the outcome, optimistic about the future, or as confused as I am, all of us can probably agree on one thing: thank God it’s over. So many strange things came to light during this election. It was one of the first elections during […]


7 Reasons I’m Still With Her

As everyone has seen or heard by now, Donald Trump is the new President-Elect of the United States. Hillary may not be our first female President, but there are still plenty of reasons for her to remain active in our political system. Yes, she has her faults, but she has helped so many people and […]


I Think I Found Myself A Cheerleader! by Celia Schieffelin

Six Pack Abs, Sororities, and Superheroes What does it mean to be a leader? Twenty one year old rising senior at the University of Miami, Alex Piccirilli, says “Leading comes naturally since I’m passionate about what I’m leading. “Leader” just comes along with the dedication and love for the organizations.” And we couldn’t agree more. […]