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A Letter to the Single Girl on Valentine’s Day

A Letter to the Single Girl on Valentine’s Day Dear Single Girl on Valentine’s Day, I don’t know where your heart is. Maybe your heart is full without a partner, maybe your heart is heavy waiting for “the one” to fill it, or maybe your heart is broken in pieces after giving a piece of […]


That Time I Committed to a Better Life

“I hate my body.” “Nothing ever works out for me.” “What the point of even trying anymore?” These thoughts continue to infiltrate my thinking, even years after they began. Each day that passes, it seems as though a new negative thought prods its way through my brain, attempting to infiltrate my every mood and action. […]


The Best Advice My Father Ever Gave Me

Let me start this off by saying something I should have said years ago: Dad, you were right. You always gave advice, but there are just a few tips that have stuck out through the years, and there is one thing you always told me that will forever be the best advice you’ve ever given […]